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Red Cross Disaster Relief (Haiti, Sandy, etc.)


An absolute shame.



The Red Cross is a scam.

I watched them raise money off forest fires in New Mexico then the money disappeared to Chicago.

I haven't liked them since being in the Army. Too long a story to post, but basically they are a tax on soldiers and do little to no good.


Thanks for the info Alpha and Ruff. I had always been under the impression that a donation to the red cross was money well spent. Guess I need to reconsider.


Always donate locally. I used to have a direct withdraw from my paycheck to the Untied Way, until I caught wind of some really shady stuff they are involved in. Now, almost all of the charitable contributions I make are to my Parish or Diocese.


Concur. The Red Cross, in particular, is among the worst offenders. It's a running joke in Israel and has been for 50 years. To my knowledge, it's only accomplishment in Gaza (where it goes by "Red Crescent") has been to supply ambulances to terrorist organizations for use as car bombs.

Made lots of cronies very, very rich, though.


Sounds like management is ripe for appointments to the Obummer administration.

What a disgrace. Folks should've going to jail for this.

Did they do this shit during 9/11 too??


Are there any charities you would support, JB?

Aside from your untrammeled support for X-nasty international, of course.


Ha. Amnesty International is perhaps the only bigger scan than the Red Cross.

Yes. I make it a point to tithe 10% of my post-tax income, and split it 5% to religious (generally the shul I attend) and 5% to non-religious charities. I tend to be heavy on donating towards mentally disabled children because I think they are among the most misused people in the world.

As a rule, any national charity that advertises on TV or that your work (or school) collects for is a scam.

So the advice above re: smaller, local, is better.

You like animals? Donate to the LOCAL no-kill shelter.
You worried about domestic abuse? Find the LOCAL shelter. Go look at it (and make sure it is not just a political front) and then donate.

Etc. It takes a little work. All the charities I donate to are ones I've been on the board of directors or actually worked at.


I guess I'll just have to change my giving to the Clinton foundation.


I hate to say it, but it looks like Wounded Warrior project is heading to the cesspool of fake charities.