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Red Bumps from subQ Test Cyp

So I’ve been on 120mg of test cyp (grape seed) a week for a few weeks now. I’ve been doing subQ .15ml per injection EOD with no issues. I’ve always used my abdomen with complete success.

However, my past three shots have produced these red welts. I can’t wrap my head around what changed.

I pin tomorrow morning and was wondering if you have any tips. I was thinking maybe I need to massage the bump to spread the oil out and perhaps inject a bit slower.

Any thoughts?

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What length needle? Are you using an angle?

Using a half inch 30 gauge.

I tried straight in and angled. I haven’t been super vigilant about it though.

Go straight in, you may not be getting deep enough due to angle sometimes. Why 30? That must take all day to fill and inject.

Also, I’m pretty lean. So there isn’t a ton of fat on my stomach.

Takes about a minute at most