Red Bull Side Effects!!

Picked this off the Sydney Morning Herald Today:

"A teenager who drove 300 kilometres to rob a supermarket of $17,000 at knifepoint may have done so partly because he had drunk too much of the energy drink Red Bull, a judge said yesterday.

The 17-year-old Darwin boy, who cannot be identified, was a conscientious high school student with two part-time jobs, who also found time for volunteer community work, the Northern Territory Supreme Court heard.

Psychiatric and medical evidence suggested he might have been suffering caffeine intoxication when he drove from Darwin to Katherine on May 19 armed with a butterfly knife and carrying a balaclava to rob the supermarket.

The boy was drinking up to 11 cans of Red Bull a day before the robbery - more than twice the caffeine needed to cause significant toxic effects, the court heard.

Caffeine intoxication may have altered the boy’s state “such that his judgment was impaired and he performed this robbery in the context of experiencing delirium”, the psychiatrist’s report said. A pre-sentence report also pointed to caffeine as a contributing factor.

“It appears there was a blurring between fantasy and reality, perhaps induced by caffeine and chronic sleep deprivation,” the report said.

“Since committing this crime, [the boy] has weaned himself off the Red Bull and no longer has any caffeine. I’ve
noticed the change in his ability to think rationally and he sleeps well.”

Justice Steven Bailey said the possibility of caffeine intoxication might explain but did not excuse the crime. The boy pleaded guilty.

He released the boy with a four-year suspended jail sentence.

The medical and psychiatric reports fell well short of establishing a causal link between caffeine and the robbery, Justice Bailey said.

“At best, the reports may provide some explanation for what occurred, but their speculative nature precludes acceptance of them as substantial mitigation,” he added."

He could have got a buzz like that just from some MD6.

11 CANS A DAY!!! That is an absolutely insane amount of caffeine…I’m pretty sure I’d go crazy from being super-wired like this kid was…

That is mental! I generally drink a can or trwo of red bull if i go out clubbing with my friends - as they all drink and as a rule i generally dont. I had 3 cans the other night, and i swear that i was totally spinning out, getting all paranoid and stuff - will definitely be staying away form that stuff. did you hear about the death from red-bull? a gauy trained with weights for over two hours, wacked some cardio in there too - and then with no other fluids downed 4 cans of the stuff, poor sod died of heart failure. mad eh?

That is some messed up shit. That is like when they blamed motley crew songs for those kids who committed suicide. I am sure it had nothing to do with the anti-social, cocaine, and Sickofant behavior that they exhibited before he lost his freaking mind. For once I would like to see one of these articles say "well johnny was always a quiet boy who kept to himself cause he typically was building bombs, figuring out how to be a serial killer and get away with it, sharpening his knifes, cleaning his guns, that sort of stuff cause you know damn well someone who knew the boy knew he wan’t right… to begin with.

Red Bull never did a thing for me. Me thinks this kid just had a crafty lawyer, maybe one of O.J.'s. BTW, EAS just came out with a Red Bull copy. That company has really gone downhill.

I could see too much caffeine causeing delirium. I’m taking 20th century drug control in university and there have been cases where students have loaded up on caffeine to write an essay the night before it was due. One case thought they had written a great essay but when that person received their essay back it was just the same line wrote over and over again for many pages.

Just how much caffeine is in this Aussie Red Bull? In the States, the only Red Bull I know of is beer.

Kevin and crew - I believe it’s 80mg in each can. Which puts that kid at 880mg (0.88 grams) of caffeine a day, day after day. I guess his body wouldn’t clear it too quick, and it would build up to toxic levels. Personally I take in up to 600mg a day on a cutting cycle (plus psuedo-ephedrine), but then I have breaks of up to 1-7 days. The caffeine in a Red Bull is about the equivalent to a rather strong coffee. So when you think about it, 11 is nothing for some people who throw down bucket loads of coffee each day. The thing that really PISSES ME OFF with Red Bull though, is how how everyone thinks it’s so hard core. It’s just f#cking caffeine!!! You get wired the same off coke! But! As most people ingest too much caffeine these days and desensitise themselves to it, I’d say that’s not even the primary active ingredient in it. Most people are also deficient in a whole bunch of micro-nutrients, so the micro-nutrients in the Red Bull would let their bodies start functioning back at ‘regular’ levels like they’re supposed to! “Oh, I’m getting a high, I’m getting wired…” “No you’re f#cking not, your body’s just working properly for a change…! Ya tool…” OK, rant is over… [grin]

Back when i was bouncing, iused to dring about 5 of Red Bulls a night. Every couple of weeks i’d get bad stomach pains, would not eat for a few days and lose a few kgs. I have not had those stomach aches for a year, which incidentally is the same period i have gone Red Bull Free. There was some rumour going around that one of the main ingredients in Red Bull, cant remmember which, it is a long word, is banned by the FDA in the US and that is why you don’t get it over there.

Kevin, They have that shit here too. You sometimes have to go to a bit better bar to get it though.

Me thinks this kid just had a good lawyer. If hes been drinking that amount of red bull for ‘days’ then i would expect a tolerance to build up pretty quickly. I’ve never heard of caffeine having those effects though. The kid was probably drinking it with vodka or something. Chris.

This is your classic case of our blame somebody else society today. A 880mg is a lot, but not that much espically if he had been taking similar amounts for a while. While I don’t drink pop on a regular basis I can get addicted (or used to) to caffine in less than a week. The is really only one case (that I’ve read of) of a guy dying from caffine that I didn’t think was fluff. This guy took a whole bottle of caffine pills (40 pills x 200mg a tablet=8grams of caffine), didn’t sleep for 3 days and after finishing a very tough workout (he maxed out on several exercises) he had a heart attack. Keep in mind this guy took 8grams roughly 10 times what that kid supposedly was taking. Now there could be some other substances in the drink that his body was reacting too (or possible delirium or deminsia from too little sleep) but from that amount caffine, no.

A kid playin QB across the county died after drinking 10 Red Bulls or a similiar ‘energy’ drink and got hit in the chest. It was my Sr. year and we were supposed to play that team a couple weeks later.

I like red bull but what bothers me is that the caffienne mgs are not listed on the label. How is one supposed to go about using a supplement responsibly if they dont know what they are getting.

Jason - what country do you live in? Here in Australia we’ve got all the ingredients listed on the side of the can. I imagine it would be much the same ingredients in both countries.

If you like Red Bull but want to stay relaxed mix alcohol with it. I suggest that new bacardi O, ketel one citron, or doing shots with Jager and bull. Just some suggestions.
It might have prevented such a tragic state.

On second thought maybe not>

red bull is such overpriced shit. It really has nothing great in it… This reminds me of an old Saved by the Bell “Jesse stop taking drugs” “I can’t. I am ADDICTED to caffeine!” something like that anyway.

Red Bull gives you wiiinnnngggsss!

I get my red bull here in the US. While the fact that it does contain caffienne is listed on the ingredients list, the total caffienne mgs are not listed anywhere that I can find.