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Red Bull Overdose


I've been waiting for this . . seriously. Who doesn't feel their heart palpitate after consuming any kind of energy drink.. any other reason to drink this stuff is just pure addiction to sugar. I will say to the least Spike the Capsule by far beats the liquid attack.

Man's heart stops after Red Bull overdose
Daniel Dasey
August 19, 2007

A MAN whose heart stopped after he consumed eight Red Bull energy drinks in five hours has called for an overhaul of the product's warning labels.

Matthew Penbross, 28, collapsed after downing the popular drinks, each containing 80 milligrams of caffeine, last Sunday.

He drank the Red Bull while competing in a motocross event on the state's Mid North Coast.

His heart stopped and he needed defibrillation from ambulance officers.

Now facing six weeks off work, he said warning labels on the products should be revamped to alert people that excessive consumption could lead to death. Labels currently warn against consuming more than two cans, or 1.5 bottles a day, without describing the consequences.

"They say [on energy drink labels] don't have more than this much," Mr Penbross said.

"But they don't say if you have too much, what will happen."

Dr Malcolm Barlow, a cardiologist who treated Mr Penbross at Newcastle's John Hunter Hospital, said it appeared excessive consumption of energy drinks had precipitated the heart attack.

He said Mr Penbross had no other risk factors apart from smoking and had told him he previously experienced chest pain at times when his intake of the drinks was high.



so he knew he wasn't supposed to drink more than a couple cans and he did it anyway? let me guess... he's suing


Well, why not drink 8 of 'em and find out?

Come on. It's almost as bad as those assholes who forced places to put "Warning: Contents May be Hot!" warnings on their coffee cups.

Although, honestly, I would drink 8 Red Bulls if they weren't so damn expensive (I love energy drinks). After I was zapped back to life, I just wouldn't pretend that I didn't understand the "risk" involved in overconsumption.

Right now, I guess this is just unfortunate ignorance. If he decides to sue, then I would upgrade him to Douche status.


What a moron he should try snorting them through a straw next time. I nominate him for an upgrade, premptive douche status award


What a stupid imbecile. Honestly, I think he should have suffered more for being such an ignoramus. Now Red Bull will go up in price because this idiot will sue. Where's Darwin's theory when you need it?


People sure are quick to judge. 640 mg of caffiene in five hours is not that much. I am willing to bet we all know people that regularly consume much more this. That is the equivalent of 3-4 8 oz. cups of coffee. I know a number of people that regularly drink that much in less than an hour every morning. What's even more ironic is the unanimous support of ECA across this site, which typically calls for 200mg caffiene and 25 mg ephedrine 3-4 times daily.

This man most likely had an underlying heart condition that contributed to the heart attack. The point is stimulants, even in small doses, can be dangerous and should be taken carefully until one knows what their tolerance is. Perhaps this man never drank this much before but witnessed others drink 8 or even more.


Agreed, survival of the fittest. I don't want to say the guy deserved to die because he's probably a nice guy, but what the hell. Everyone else has said what needs to be heard, the guys an idiot.


what a fuckin idiot.


gosh my avatar makes me horny.


Yeah, mad props for the avatar.

I saw that segment on the news regarding the legend that drank 8 Red Bulls. I think he wanted 15 minutes of fame/shame and was probably pushed into it by the media.

Red Bull would have to be shitty though because some people will believe this and stop drinking it.


I agree, 8 Red Bulls is nothing. I don't have any problem with energy drinks of any kind. I even have a hard time feeling Spike, though it does help me.

I went to GNC a couple of weeks ago to pick up some Spike Shooters (I would've ordered them from here, but I wanted them that day), and when I brought them to the counter, the guy told me that another employee there drank 3 in one day. Imagine what that would've done to this guy.


So he competes in MX and thinks Red Bull is dangerous?

He needs a freakin lobotomy.