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Red Bull Diet



"Brooke Robertson told the Herald on Sunday she shrank from 105kg to 60kg drinking nothing but 10 to 14 cans a day, often accompanying them with nothing more than a handful of dry Honey Puffs."

At she figured out that it was a poor choice.


Disturbing. Why won't humans take better care of themselves? At least use this immense fountain of knowledge called the internet.


what a dumb broad


I put creatine in red bull the other day and the can exploded. It legitimately exploded all over my kitchen.


And it still took her 8 months to lose the weight on that diet? What a useless fucking bitch, it's a shame that she's a mother, fucking morons breeding...



You mean there is even a question about caffeine being addictive?

Most cases like this involve guys playing video games for week long binges drinking only Red Bull so they can stay awake and make higher scores...only to end up with kidney damage.


Artem wrote: I put creatine in red bull the other day and the can exploded. It legitimately exploded all over my kitchen.

thats pretty cool, maybe thatll catch on and replace the jager bomb


I start shaking and can't have normal sleep with more than 4-5 cans, and that's heluva lot... How she put up with 10-14 it's a miracle, not to mention ridiculous amounts of caffeine in her blood... :smiley:


I thought caffeine was one of those stimulants with factual withdrawal symptoms!
Besides, someone tell me how you can generate evidence to say that caffeine is not addictive! The best you can say is that there is no evidence to suggest that it is.


this person is brain dead


If you even need 4 or 5 cans of Red Bull a day, there is something wrong with you and your schedule.

I can see why Biotest puts 15 warnings on the cans of Spike. I doubt it will make much difference though.


my boss did this with sugar free red bulls to win a diet bet... dropped something like 60lbs so stupid


Seriously, no one can ever factor in the ridiculous amounts of human error and stupidity when dealing with issues of responsibility.


Happened once as a designated driver...


Red Bull recently released a new cola product that is said to not contain any caffeine. However, German researchers have just discovered that the soda contains traces of cocaine and its distribution and consumption is now banned in the country.

I'm not making that up.


Wow. Red bull doesn't give you wings, but does provide you with already metabolized-state nutrients. In English, you basically bypass your metabolism, in effect "screwing it up." Really healthy. I'd never touch the stuff.

Amazing she didn't actually die. The human body is amazing. What a poor way to treat it.


How much of it is the fact that she consumed large amounts of a caffeine drink and how much is the fact that she consumed little to nothing of anything else?

You can pick almost any man made product, consume it to the exclusion of all else and have a predictably bad outcome.

Now I'm off to put some of my creatine into red bull.


V-Diet 4.0 anyone?


I used to see people pound Red Bull while rolling on X, followed by a vomit fest about 45 min later. God must love crazy people, he made so many of them.


I don't know how organisations get away with saying stupid shit like "there is no scientific evidence that caffeine is addictive."

Try going from 10 cups of coffee a day to zero, then try and tell me its not addictive.