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Red Bull and Surge


My routine in the morning is:

Wake up. Drink Grow. Go to gym (1/2 hr commute). Drink Red Bull. Change into gym clothes. Do my workout (45 min) Drink Surge.

I'm currently in phase one of JM's "Training for Maximal Size" and loving it. I'm wondering if the sugar in the Red Bull is a good or bad thing w.r.t. drinking Surge after my workout. Will the sugar in the drink reduce the GI inducing insulin spike that Surge is supposed to produce?


I dont know for sure. You could always get the sugar free red bull. I have found that it creates an energy boost just the same without having to worry about suger or insulin spikes.

Hopefully when "Spike" comes out we won't have to worry about it at all. TC says it will make Red Bull look like Kool-Aid. I can't wait!!!!


It won't interfere with Biotest Surge, but you might want to go with sugar-free Red Bull before training anyway.


the sugar wont drop the Insulin spike, but the caffeine will affect glucose disposal.
personally wouldnt worry about it but i thought id throw that in anyway.