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Red Bulk - BJJ S&C Training and Diet Log

BJJ S&C Training and Diet Log

Current Stats:
Age 28
Height: 5’8
Weight: 80.2kg

I have decided to keep a training/diet log to aid my BJJ and S&C goals.
In August I will be competing in my first BJJ competition, the weight class I am competing in is “lightweight” which requires a bodyweight of 76kg (167.5lb) in a Gi.
Therefore my diet and training is currently geared to drop bodyweight while maintaining (hopefully increasing) my strength and bettering my conditioning.


AM: Oats and whole egg powder
Lunch: 2 Chicken breasts, 1 apple
Post workout: Gatorade endurance (30g carb refeed).
PM: Lamb mince, spaghetti and cheese
Before bed: Lamb mince

Training: BJJ Gi session.


Well last nights BJJ session did not go as planned… sparring partner pulled guard and I took a knee to the rib cage… ribs are either badly bruised or cracked.
I am hoping to feel improvments by Friday or this could be a serious set back…

AM: Raspberries
Lunch: 2 pieces of Haddock
Pre workout: Gatorade prework out
PM: Rib eye steak with spinkle of cheese

Training: BJJ Gi session


AM: Carb supplement 30g
Lunch: 2 Chicken breasts
Mid afternoon: Apple
PM: 2 pieces of haddock
Pre bed: Diet whey protein (myprotein)

Training: Today was meant to be squat but at this point I can barley make straight forward movements without hurting, so getting under the bar is a no go today. Bulls**t.

In for this log. I’ve just started BJJ and it’s awesome!!! Btw we’re the same height and similar weight. Oh and hope that rib isn’t anything too serious.


Thanks for the welcome, good luck with your BJJ journey!


AM: Diet whey protein and 2 whole eggs
Lunch: 1 chicken breast, 1 apple
PM: chicken and veg soup
Pre bed: 1 chicken breast

Training: 45 minutes stationary bike (17.3km)
Ribs are still in no shape or form to handle weight…

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AM: Diet whey protein
Lunch: chicken and beef on whole grain bread
PM: breaded chicken
Pre bed: Diet whey protein

Training: Rest Day


Well the ribs are still in bad shape and tomorrow I have a doctors appointment to see what the result of the damage could be, I havent been able to train since it happend… not even simple bodyweight movements.
The diet is being kept lean as the calories burned is low.

AM: oats with berries
Lunch: wholegrain pita with cheese
PM: Musclefood pizza (half) with sliced potato
Pre bed: Diet whey protein


Doctor update: No JJ for at least another week and then light sparring only, weights need to be lowered to around 80% of normal working weight. Best news I could of hoped for really… Will be getting a weight session in tomorrow.

AM: Diet whey protein
Lunch: chicken and green veg
PM: pulled pork and veg


AM: diet whey protein
Lunch: chicken breast and berries
PM: 4 egg omelet with cheese and ham

Training: 20x5 goblet squat 32kg KB
20x5 reverse crunches
10x5 upright KB rows

Kept it light first day back but tomorrow will be compound movements.