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Red Blotches in Skin & Eyes?


Hey all, I'm not 100% where to post this within the forums, but I am curious if this has happened to anyone else. Last night I did unassisted handstand pushups for about 20 minutes and then hit some really heavy squats, and finished my routine etcetera. When I looked in the mirror, under my eyelids beneath and noticeably in areas around my face I had red blotches (looked like condensed blood?) Actually, on my eyes it looked like some capillaries practically popped on themselves. The next morning, they were still there, though less noticeable. Is this some sort of trauma? Could there be any problem associated with doing handstands for so long? I hope I am being clear, it seemed something to be suspicious about.


I had a friend in college that was trying out for the rowing team and one of the things they had to be able to do was a headstand for like two minutes. I showed her how to do them and she was practicing for at least an hour a day. After a couple of days she popped a blood vessel in her eye and it was all red. It caused her no problems (other than everyone asking her what the hell happened) as far as I know.

This site says it's a subconjunctival hemorrhage


and that it's not a big deal



Whew; thanks for your detailed reply and the links: it had me scared initially. It makes sense, most of the red spots are in the more delicate areas near by eyebrow, and upper cheek.



Have you ever power puked? On the times in my youth where I um, over-indulged alcohol to the point I projectile vomited, I'd often get strawberry patches around the eyes (granted not on them). Same kind of deal when you get a surface mark from the bar on back squats or similar stuff. It's really probably no biggee.

I mean, if you get to the point where your eyes are completely bloodshot all the time, you might want to take it easy on the handstands.

Also, could be diet related?


I get them sometimes when doing really heavy one-arm pushups. I have never gotten them doing HSPUs though. At first I thought it was really bad acne, but it is just broken blood vessels. They go away after a day or so.


Wait why would you have to do a handstand for rowing?? In my 4yrs of rowing in college I never once had to do a hand stand lol


MY brother got them doing handstand pushups with me before. I never get them doing HSPU but on meet day alot of people get them. When you are lifting max weights, your body is under so much strain, its not uncommon to pop a few blood vessels.


It was headstands and I have no idea why. Maybe just a sort of balance/stability test?

I don't know. All I know is that I went to the meeting for Crew tryouts because rowing sounded like fun. They had us sign a piece of paper that said we were interested and then they told us that the next day would be our first training session of a "light" 6-8 mile run. Needless to say, I did not do Crew. Those erg-machines are freaking killer though.

I have mad respect for those people.


Handstands for rowing? Interesting, it probably has to do with shoulder endurance? Thanks for the replies guys :smiley:


This happens to me sometimes with heavy squats. I have never thought much of it. It normally takes me about two weeks for the spots to completely disappear from my eyes. Until then you have to try and explain to all your friends/co-workers why you would want to lift so much blood vessels in your eyes burst.

Dave Tate explains about bleeding and bursting blood vessels nicely with his perceived exertion scale.



Haha dude... I look like a fucking raccoon after i do any lifts in my gear, esp. when i am squating. its just part of the game man. I always wondered if there was any correlation between the pressure we put on our eyes and sight damage. Found a few studies but they really didnt say anything conclusive.