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Red Bands Question

I just got my shipment of Red Bands in this morning. Like most people, my goal is to lose some bodyfat while retaining as much lean muscle as possible. Any advice pertaining to diet and cardio would be appreciated.

Hi timpnerm99,

I am on a fat loss program as well and I can’t stress how important a food log is for keeping track and planning your diet.

As far as cardio goes I do it regularly 5 times a week. Usually in the morning before I go to work, I also weight train 4 days a week.

I have a bottle of Red Bands as well, it was suggested that I save it and use it to break through a plateau which I am surely to run into.

Good luck to you.


Thanks for the advice. What do you do for your cardio workouts? I have read plenty in the archives that advise against low intensity long duration exercises (ex:jogging) because they break down lean muscle mass. I read that it is better to do activities like interval sprinting or walking on a treadmill at an incline for 25-30 minutes. What is your opinion on this?
Thanks again,

I do 45 minutes of Stationary cycling in the morning before eating. I try to get in 5 sessions a week in addition to weight training 4 days a week. In terms of losing muscle mass, I have actually increased my lean mass by about 4 lbs according to my body fat measurements. I frequently change up my cardio routine to include sprints on my bike as well as running stairs. For example yesterday I ran 12 flights of stairs carrying 35 dumbells in place of my bike…my legs are like jello today…

So basically my cardio sessions involve both endurance and sprinting depending on how I feel.

So far I have dropped 19.5 lbs of fat since June 26. Yes I was/am a fat bastard but am on my way to being a skinny bastard.