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Red Bands predictions?


Do you think the new Red Bands product will be as strong as clenbuterol? or close enough?


I will let you know in ABOUT 4-6 weeks, I just started my Red Bands yesterday. I am taking 2 pills 2x/day.


Phil - Have you taken Clen before?


Nothing against Biotest but I just can't imagine an actual supplement rivaling something like clen or t3.

Then again I've had little exposure to either of these and from waht I hear you end up sacrificing substantial muscle gains and while I've only used a single bottle of HOT-ROX I've seen plenty of proof that it works well at actually preserving lean mass.


Hiro said:

well was it one or two bottles dude?

Can you describe more about your results? Give particulars - pounds fat lost, muscle gained/preserved, etc. Thanks.