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Red Bands & Alpha Male

Would it be allright to take both Alpha Male and Red Bands together? I have been on a cutting phase the last month following a modified T-Dawg diet. I have been taking Hot-Rox and ZMA and using Low Carb Grow.
I am going to order some Red Bands but was wondering should I go ahead and also order Alpha Male. Or is Alpha Male better for bulking?

Thank You


It would be alright to take them together.

In fact, Alpha Male will probably help ward off any possible decrease in sex drive due to decreased carbs and calories, and keep energy and strength up by keeping your test levels free and high.

It would also fend off muscle loss, and with Red Bands helping out as well, you’d have a really comprehensive supplement arsenal to keep your strength and size, and keep fat burnin, while T-Dawgin’ it.

Thank You, New Damage. That was the answer I was hoping to get.

could a serious weight lifter who is 18 and has been training for 6 months take Alpha Male?

lol Split, you’re not gonna get different responses no matter where you ask your question…


  1. Yes, an 18 year old “serious” weightlifter lifting for six months COULD take Alpha Male, meaning there shouldnt be any negative side effects other than a lower bank account…


2)Would it be smart/worth it/helpful? Not really, unless you have, to quote PGA. “Abnormally low test levels.”

EAT…and train.