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Red Bands, Alpha Male?

That’s been answered in News and Reader Mail a few times: there was a name change. It’s the same stuff.

So could Alpha Male also be used as a short-term “wood fuel,” ala Viagra?

More of a T booster. For an iron wood you’ll want to stack it with 5 mg of Yohimbine HCL. A most potent stack = Alpha Male + Yohimbine HCL + 6g of Arginine 1 hr before festivities.


So if one were not taking it regularly, but just took that combo (one time only) one hour before festivities, you think that would have an effect, or do you have to be taking the Alpha Male regularly for it to have that effect?

Good idea! This combo is good, except Yohimbine makes me jittery. Viagra/Levitra makes my face flush. But I always considered arginine a ‘poor man’s viagra’. And this new AlphaMale is going to be tremendous. Especially at over 50, Biotest is really helping us middle-agers out, given the stupidity (generally) of the medical community.

Most reports I have read are that the Longjack and Tribex will increase desire and the yohimbine hcl and arginine can assist with the “plumbing”. The yohimbine hcl and arginine will work immediately but the Tribex and longjack will need to be taken for a couple of weeks to build up in your system. So the best idea would be to take the Alpha Male on a 5 day on 2 off cylce and take the Yohimbine HCL when you need it for a marathon session.