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Red Bands, Alpha Male?

Any news on Red Bands and Aplha Male? How about the out of stock supps at the store? I needs me some of that $9 ZMA!

I talked to the Biotest boys yesterday and they’re hoping to launch RED BANDS (supercharged HOT-ROX) and Alpha Male (combo of Tribex and RED KAT in the MAG-10 delivery system) later this month!

They didn’t want to put an exact date on it yet though. I’ll pass more info along when I get it.

As for ZMA, RED KAT and Classic vanilla Grow!, our store should be restocked in a week or so.

Yep, biddness is good!

Awesome!!! I’m really looking forward to both products.

Since Tribex is to be taken with food, and Red Kat is supposed to be taken on an empty stomach, when will we take Alph Male? Maybe between meals? :wink:

Wait, my bad. I was looking at one of my OLD bottles from Tribex. The new bottle says to take on an empty stomach as well.

Cliff, the instructions have gone back and forth over the years, so my guess is that it doesn’t matter much. Another guess: the take-with-food guidelines may have been put there originally to prevent the “white smoke burps.”

Tribex uses a very fine, pharmaceutical grade powder so sometimes you can burp and send powder out your mouth like smoke. I personally enjoy the heck out of that, but some may not. If you take Tribex, then eat and put food on top of it, so to speak, you probably won’t get the dragon burps.

Still, to get the best results, take Alpha Male according to instructions. There will be no dragon burp issues with the new delivery system anyway.


Tribex is to be taken on an empty stomach as well, though it doesnt really matter.

I like the “dragon burps” it freaks people out.:slight_smile:

Chris, “white smoke burps” is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a week!

My workout partner and I always complain about when eca or Tribex type pills dont quite make it all the way down, you burp some powder and kinda taste it.

“white smoke burps” is exactly what comes to mind!

And where the hell is the Alpha Male and Red Bands? Summer is approaching my Biotest friends!

Thanks for the info. I notice the new banners for Alpha Male went up today too, so won’t be long now!

Very cool!!

Just in time to lean out for the summer.

I thought the Alpha Male was Algore…??

Yeah I can’t wait! I have been holding off on buying Hot-Rox and Tribex waiting for AM and RB!

I see a few people said it doesnt really matter if you take tribex with or without food. Does the same hold true for HOT ROX?

UPDATE: Looks like ZMA is back in the SuperStore for $9. New label too!

I’ve used tribex with and without food. I think it doesn’t matter unless you’re looking for a quick spike in T, and then an empty stomach seems to work best, or at least it feels that way to me.

Hot rox definitely works best for me on an empty stomach with a big glass of water.

Classic vanilla Grow! is also back in stock at the <a href="http://tstore.biotestedge.com/index.jsp"target=“new”>SuperStore for $23, less than half price of suggested retail.

well, while youre answering questions… when is the super concentrated fish oil coming out, if ever? Was that project canned or what? I could really use it.

It’s still in the works as far as I know. Really looking forward to that one myself.

I’d like to second the question about whether A7-E has been removed from hot rox? It’s not listed on the label of the bottle i’ve got.