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Recycling Green Tea

Thoughts on this from anyone smarter than me?

What I’ve been doing is, after having my cup of tea, rip open the bag and collect and dry the leaves, then later use them as a garnish to put on food, or sometimes add into protein shakes, or whatever.

My reasoning is that besides the usual benefits that yoga instructors love, It’s been shown to aid in nutrient partitioning ( http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/5_ways_to_improve_insulin_sensitivity )

Since most of the caffiene is supposed to have been removed in the first few moments of brewing, I’m left with a bunch of leaves that probably can be put to better use than sitting in the trash can.

I figure all of the good stuff couldn’t all have gone into the water. That’s like saying putting broccoli in hot water and drinking that is just as good as eating it.
Anyone know anything about eating tea leaves?

I dont know about actually eating the leaves, but I just use the tea leafs over again and make another cup of Tea with the same leafs.

Like you already said the first few minutes get rid of a lot of the caffeine, so this way you can have 3 cups of tea without getting to hyped on caffeine.