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Recycling Biotest Containers?

So I'm measuring Surge and Metabolic Drive into ziploc bags for the next few days (beats carrying the containers to the gym or work), and started thinking: "How much HDPE #2 am I tossing into the recycling bin each month/year? Is there a better use for all these?

I just bought 2.5 pounds of shelled walnuts in a non-resealable bag, so I can pour those into an Metabolic Drive container. I suppose there are a lot of things like flour and sugar that can be put into nice air-tight Biotest canisters.

Other than in the kitchen, does anyone else have any suggestions for re-using these things. (I'm looking for serious suggestions...sorry to suppress your Inner Smartass!)


When I change the oil in my cars, I drain it into one of those drip/storage containers and then put it into old protein powder containers. I store it up till I have about 10 and take it to the oil recycling. Good use for old containers.


MMMmmm flour and sugar.


I use it for drain oil too. Remember real men don't change their oil with a credit card. =)


One of my motors I service at the dealer, its a diesel anyyway and is still in warranty. But they fuckin rip you off, 150 quid (ukp) for changing oil and filter, bastards.


I bring them over to my moms place and she stores her craft odds and ends in them.


If you cut them in half you can use them as plant pots for cuttings. I could go on forever....


Fill them with concrete and throw them around the yard.


I was wondering the same thing. Since HDPE gets reused in plastic composite lumber and, apparently, does not leach into the soil:

I was thinking of filling the empty Metabolic Drive containers with quikcrete and using them to make the borders of raised beds. We've got very wet soil and need to keep the fruit tree root crown above ground level so I figured the quikcrete filled containers would make good "bricks" for keeping the root crown above the surrounding wet soil (so the nurseryman tells me). I've seen this done with soda bottles but can't put my mouse on a picture of it just now.


God damn. Containers. They hold shit. Not necessarily a novel concept.

Ive got a empty 4kg protein bucket that gets used as a change bucket.


I'm using them to hold compostables until I get my vermi composter up and running. Surprisingly, it doesn't stink up the place, though putting your nose IN the container may encourage you to lose your lunch.


I actually use them to hold "bedroom waste". Yes, used condoms and the resulting tissue casualties of many hours a week of rough sex with beautiful girls.

Sometimes I replace my roommate's tub of Metabolic Drive with one of them. He no longer speaks to me.


Now that is disgusting.


Be careful who sees those ziplocks filled with powder. Not everyone in the world realizes you have protien powder in that baggie. I had an interesting experience when I once got pulled over and had a ziploc bag of protein powder on my center console. Cops are very skeptical of powder is any type of bag. Just a word of caution


LOL at the last post; "No, officer, really, it's protein powder; wanna taste?"

I give my old ones to my dad who is a veritable handyman / carpenter and they are great for nuts & bolts, screws, etc. as long as you scrub the label off or write over them.

I give the others to my buddy who always goes camping and since they have screw down caps he loves to store food in them & supplies for rafting and camping...

The uses are endless, sort of like Tupperware