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Recurring, Possible Tennis Elbow

  Ive had this problem for quite some time now. going on about 2-3 years

ithas gone away but come back later when i least expected it. usually after
chins. or dumbell rows.
after a while i read in a chad waterberry article that switching to a
thumbless grip would go a long way in helping the issue. and it did, for
several months up to a year i had no problems.
finally i got back to chinning. and this time it was going really well
i finally am strong enoughin my back to do great wide grip chins with my
back muscles firing tremendously. and my biceps were exploding like never
before, not even curls with 50-65 lbs were my biceps being stimulated like this.
but alas, i now have this medial elbow pain again.
im still in the process of getting reliable insurance to see a good doctor.
and i have experience and some schooling in massage. so i did try to work the
areas out a bit for a while. but the thing that helped the most was working light
enough to take pressure off the area, in dubell rows and curls, and then working my way back up
but its just like i cant go balls out with heavier weights like i used too. it sucks
horribly. the only warmup i know for this is stretching and doing lighter sets then
working up for a few heavier sets.
ive also read that it could be happening due to my lack of forearm development
my forearms are somewhat laggy to my upper arms. but then again i also have real that doing
forearm curls or using the rolling device where you roll the attached weight up and down on a rope or chani is bad…wtf…how the hell do you resolve this if you cant work on your forearms, directly to bring them up? thats the only way mine grow much at all.
a freind of mine also said that once they had elbow surgery for this issue that it was wonderful.

    Im sick of this shit, help! i could be so much more muscular and strong with

what ive learned over these past few years about diet and training, if i could just get
these problems to go away… gues im going on a diet. hopefully his isnt the end of my lifting
carreer. i used to be able to barbell row up to 295… of course i did weigh about 295 at that time lol, not to mention i was fat as hell. my knee is arthritic, and life sucks balls.

     i hope someone here can give me needed advice.

If it is the medial side it is golfers elbow. It sounds like you have developed tendonosis. Three things will fix it.

1.Eccentric only wrist flexion curls (make sure pinky finger is higher than the thumb side and take a thumbless grip on the db
2. Massage the shit out of your tendon down into the muscle belly
3. Ice then heat as much as possible

Exercises done twice per day 3 on 1 off.

With the exercises they SHOULD cause some pain. 7 sec eccentric.