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Recurring Popped Out Rib. Help?

Would like to get some input here since I can’t find anything else on the internet.

I have popped my rib out like this 3-4 times since 2018. It’s really not all that bad, hurts in the middle of my back for a week or so and then seems to heal itself. The pain is pretty bad for 3-4 days.

The cause seems to be whenever I start front squatting or doing hang cleans again. I recently started focusing on my front squat some more and I think the front rack position is what kind of causes this to happen.

My main question is what am I missing in my training or is there something I could do to strengthen the muscles around my ribs to prevent this from happening?

My back work usually consists of pull ups and DB rows. My weight room sucks for back work and I don’t do BB rows because of low back issues.

Thanks in advance

I’m not sure if this will help, but you mentioned having limited exercises for back work (I assume due to space, I have a basement gym myself). One of my favorite back exercises are seal rows using a wide grip on my multi-grip press bar. You can do these with dumbbells, too, but I just prefer the press bar. I use a couple of my wood jerk blocks and just put my bench on them, good to go, put my blocks back out of the way when finished.

I would expect this would target the muscle groups you are referring to better than dumbbell rows and certainly better than chin ups. The beauty of these is that they have zero impact on your spine and are nearly impossible to cheat at.


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This happens to me a couple times a year. I grab on to a chin up bar and hang as long as I can while trying to relax my muscles from the shoulders on down. I do this two to three times a day. It still takes a couple of days to fix itself, but it seems to help me.