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Recurring Pec Strain/Pull. Scar Tissue?

I recently keep tearing / pulling my pec on bench pressing. Could this actually be scar tissue breaking up and feeling like it’s pulling? Because it feels like it heals after a week or 2 but then keeps reinjuring…


Scar tissue can withstand literally thousands of pounds of pressure before reforming, so no, not scar tissue.

No, the tissue isn’t fully healed then, and you returned to training at too high of an intensity too early.

That’s not to say you should stop all chest training until it feels good. Instead, you should modify your chest training for a certain period of time, until you can return to “normal.”

This thread contains my own recommendations, which would be similar for you except you’ll probably looking at a longer “recovery” period than the OP in this thread.

Also, take ~2-3 days off pressing work from your last “flare up”. If it’s been 2-3 days since your last flare up, get stuck right in