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Recurring Hernia

are recurring hernias a frequent thing? ive had surgery on both sides of my abdominal to fix hernias, and lately they both been hurting quite a bit and kinda feel like theyre bulging a bit. i know im going to the doc on this, but what do you guys think?

I have hernia’s in my calves right now. Two on each side. (Yes, you can get hernia’s in your calf) So I feel your pain. With me, I won’t be able to run or do any calf exercises for a long time, if ever. With yours, are you doing lots of compound movements like squats and deads? Maybe you are contracting your abs a litle too much while you work out…

You may be able to work around it, at least a little, with more isolation moves with cables and machines and do more exercises seated or with support. If you are a free weight advoacte, then I know it will be a shitty transition. But of course, just get healthy before you start again. Good Luck…fuck are they painful though, huh?

I had a left inguinal hernia that was fixed last thanksgiving. Started lifting again in late January. From time to time, I get this weird ache (still have scar tissue in there I think, so maybe it’s that). But never experienced any bulging again. They didn’t use mesh on me either since I’m 17 (apparently I’m supposed to recover better and stronger than someone older than me, which makes sense, so no mesh for me). Although, I’ve been very cautious with things like front squats and deadlifts. Benching, rows, overhead stuff and the like give me no problems from that area though.