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Recurring Cramps and Spasms


I used to get charlie horses in my calves when I would wake up in the morning about once or twice a week. This was my own stupid fault by not drinking enough water before bed. After a few months of this I wisened up, quit drinking so much alcohol and made sure I stayed hydrated. I still get charlie horses every once in a while, but not near as often.

However, despite staying hydrated, foam rolling, and stretching my calves I still will get spasms and brief cramps intermittently through the day.

I never had cramps in my hamstrings until I started using the Glute-Ham raise. I would get cramps guaranteed. And while after a few weeks of using it the cramps subsided, I now get the same spasms and little cramps like I do in my calves.

What else can I do besides stay hydrated, foam roll and stretch? I get plenty of sodium in my diet as well.


Check other nutrient and mineral intake. Magnesium deficiency is a big cause of muscular cramps, as is potassium. Calcium levels can play a role as well.

You also have to determine whether it is a cramp due to nutritional issues or if it is more of a spasming as a protective mechanism.