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Recumbant Bike As Treadmill Alternative?


I was wondering if the Recumbant Bike can be used as an alternative to the treadmill for HIIT. I have bad knees and when doing the treadmill they get inflamed, i have noticed that the bike works a lot better, but obviously my heart rate doesn't get near as high.

When i was doing HIIT (15min.) on the treadmill my heart rate was around 180-185, on the bike its around 160-165. What is the target heart range for burning bodyfat? I am 22yrs old, weigh 210-215lbs. Thanks


It's harder to get your heart rate up because it is a piece of shit.

Try a real bike.

The fat burning 'zone' is overrated in my opinion. If you want to do HIIT I fail to see the relevance anyway. Go balls to the wall, then relax it, balls to the wall, then relax it. If you have time to check your heart rate during balls to the wall then your balls haven't reached the wall yet and you need to do more wall balling.


It can be used for hit, why not? You are saying that your heart rate doesn't get as high, so pedal harder???? What is your hiit structure?
heart range for burning fat? HIGHER.


I was playing around with a heart rate monitor last year, and I found that while riding a real bike outside my heart rate was consistantly higher than when riding a bike indoors on a trainer while exerting what felt like the same amount of effort.

It helps if you have big hills where you live.


Try either an elliptical or a real spinning bike with a weighted wheel...probably not a recumbent bike... they are no where near as good as a treadmill.


It will be considerably harder to your heart rate as high on the recumbent than on a real bike outdoors. Generating very high levels of power output is more awkward on a recumbent because of the seated body position and your average indoor stationary bike doesn't accept shoes which securely lock in the feet, thus reducing your power output by a third, along with the corresponding CV stress.


My comparison was between riding a regular bike up & down hills in my neighborood vs. a regular upright bike in my home mountain on a trainer designed to increase resitance as you spin the wheel faster.

Riding uphill outside consitently produces a higher heart rate for me than riding on the trainer using what subjectively feels to be the same amount of effort. Perhaps the body's balancing mechanism contribites to heart rate. Riding uphill may be better than riding a trainer for reasons similar to why lifting free weights is better than machines.