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Rectus Femoris Tendon Complete Rupture

Anyone experience this? What was rehab like? How is long term recovery in regards to weight training? thanks

I had it repaired April 2010. Unfortunately, I slipped walking downhill recently after the surgery and heard a terrible pop. Never had a second MRI, since the Doc told me if I re-tore it, there was nothing they could do. On the bright side, after a year I was back to full capacity for the most part with or without the repair in tact. Squats are still a bit touchy. I don’t notice it until I get close to failure, but it will contract hard.

How long after the surgery did you fall?

I had surgery mid-May and slipped in mid-August, so about 8 weeks. I had been moving around without crutches or a immobilizer for 3 weeks. The frisbee golf course I was one a bit more rugged than others.