Rectifien Log

The Title of this log is Rectifien, which means Rectifier. I am in the position to rectify a situation that has been 20years in the making. I vow to not only be under 200lbs before my 21st birthday, but also be at 10% bodyfat. My current stats:

Weight: 235
Body Fat %: ~23%
Height: 5ft 10in

My plan is to use a Ripptoe style workout, and a Velocity-esque diet. That means I will be using heavy compound Olympic lifts, and a liquid, all required macros, restricted calorie, restricted carb, good fat only diet. I will be using supplements which I will list later…for now I have to go workout.

Okay, I’m three days in now, and I haven’t snapped. I have had two solid meals but I think I’ll stop that tomorrow. My numbers looked pretty good on Friday, so I am interested in seeing what this diet will do to the strength.

What are your starting numbers and prior training experience? Also do you have any before shots for comparison?

I have been lifting since last August, but I didn’t get serious until Jan of this year. I lost 35lbs I made it down to 207 but then screwed around over the summer. Now I’m back at school and pissed at my self. I was a lazy bastard that fed my fat ass what ever I desired. That has changed.

Here are my numbers after getting back to school. I don’t know my 1 rep max. for any lift but here is what I ended up at, at the end of my routine on fri.

Squat: 5 rep max: 225

Bench: 5 rep max: 175

Deadlift: 3 rep max: 365

The workout last night was okay. I wasn’t feeling great going in so I lifted light. I think that it was due to not getting the cals that I need. I’m finding it hard to down that many shakes. I’m too full and they are exactly the most appetizing thing in the world. I’ll see how wed. goes and let you guys know