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Recs for Heavy Bag Purchase


Does anyone out there have recommendations on a particular brand/style of heavy bag for home training?

Looking to get multiple uses out of the bag.

Striking, knees, kicks and then being able to carry it around for sandbag type workouts or simulated ground & pound.

Ideally looking for the heaviest bag possible at around 6 foot in length since I'm pretty tall.

Thanks in advance for any expertise or advice on this topic.


i would go Everlast. ive had two from them and they have never let me down.

the one i have now ive had for 3 years. its survived punches,kicks,knees and elbows, as well as being thrown around repeatedly for my sandbag workouts.


Ringside or combat sports 6 foot thai bag.


Make that 2 recs for Everlast. I have given mine a beating.


I like these bags too. Just be sure you have the clearance.

But my favorite bags are the Fairtex. Either the four or the six foot.


My dad bought us a 70lb Everlast when I was 8. It's been through 4 different houses with me.
I'm 31. It's just showing signs of wear. Some stuffing barely poofs out the top sometimes when I hit it.
I'd say it's a good bag. It's canvas.


does anyone know where you can get a good bag in australia for a good price? and what sort of price ranges they come in?


Personally, I like to keep the 6' bag hanging, then use a 4' bag for carrying and ground work. For me, the 6' bag is too unwieldy for carrying. With the 4' bag, you can carry it and walk with it easier because it doesn't inhibit your leg mobility, and you can work your standing knees better. For the ground, the 4' bag simulates a body better, because a 6' opponent will not be lying flat on the mat; his knees will be bent and his head will be up, shortening his length to approx. 4 or 5 feet.

If you can only get one though, I'd get the 6 footer. You can't go wrong.


Thanks for all the suggestions so far.
Great feedback.


Get a 6 foot bag. When you hit it with a midsection blow, you are hitting it in the middle approx. and it takes the blow. With a shorter bag, hitting it with a midsection blow is hitting it nearer the bottom, and it swings like a son of a bitch. Even better is a double ended fullsize bag so you can chain it to the floor too (I don't have one though) to stop it going off when you hit it. Pain in the ass when you want to punch it lots and the first punch sends it flying away. Even worse for kicks. Just my thoughts.


Another one for Ringside/Combat Sports (they're really the same company). They have several levels available, leather is the best, powerhide the second and vinyl being the worst - I'd spend the extra money and get the powerhide at least. Run you about $100 before shipping.

Windy also makes great stuff, but IMO the extra cost isn't worth it - I think Combat Sports/Ringside is just as good.


Just a word of caution concerning the way you plan to hang the bag. My brother had his 70# heavy bag rigged up between the floor joists in his first floor so the bag would hang in his basement.

That worked fine until the cracks started appearing in his dining room directly overhead. It took about two months for the cracks to show.

His wife was a little less understanding after that.


I have a 100lb TKO thats about 5 foot long. Its has took a lot of punishment. Bad side is that when you punch it it gets a swinging pretty quick. And if you plan on kickin it like I do it swings to beat all hell. You defintly want to not go any lighter than 100lbs and make sure it has a ground attachment (like Margarhe mentioned) or youll be having to grab it all the time from it flying around or spinning.

Good luck,

p.s. If you hit it bare hand, knee, elbow..ect, take it easy at first untill your skin thickens & builds up calasis (callasis?). Also watch how hard you kick with your chin.. its a tad bit painfull at first.


I got a 6-foot Jim Bradley from Rebel Sport for just over AU$200. Had it for three years now and beaten the shit out of it and it's still looking good. Haven't used it as a sandbag though


I had an Everlast 70 lb. canvas bag for 15 years. We kikced, punched suplexed and beat on it with sticks and it's still in good shape. You can get them for $50-$100. Can't go wrong with them.


A great striking "bag". Take a 12 foot or longer by at least 4 inches square treated wood post and plant 4 to 5 in the ground. Gather up a bunch of old tires (winter and truck tires work best) and throw over post until they stack up over your head. You can kick, punch, and head butt.

You can use weapons, sticks, tonfa, nunchuks, even blades (if you don't mind replacing the tires once in a while)(of course you get the old tires free from just about any tire shop or side of the road). I warm up on a 70lb Everlast bag then go outside and get down on the tire stack.


I'll bet that is an interesting piece of "yard art."


Cheap alternative I got from mma.tv(haven't actually done this, but sounds like a good idea):

get a Navy seabag-the type that are long and tubular and gather to close at the top(grommets with a snap hook). Take it to a shipping place(PakMail, Mailboxes etc., whatever) and have them fill it to the top with foam peanuts-won't cost much. Then either get a bunch of beach sand, or go buy some playground sand from Home Depot, and pour it in over the foam. The sand will fill in between the peanuts to firm it up, but the foam will still allow for some give when you hit it. You might want to cut the shoulder straps off, of just wrap it in duct tape. Great for everything(so I hear).

Another tip: to avoid damage to whatever your bag is hanging from (floor joists), buy a spring for the hook. The spring will absorb most of the shock from hitting, thus saving your floor.