Recruiter for T-mag

Just gotta ask, am I crazy? Why? I think I have made up rules for who I will tell about T-mag. If someone is scrawny and wants to get big, but acts like they know more than me, I will tell them to read Flex or something. But if said scrawny person asks advice and listens, I tell them about the site.
Does anyone else do this? If so, what are some of your requirements for people before you will tell them about Testosterone?

I tell everyone who looks like they might be interested. I will never argue, or try to convince anyone though. I doubt most have visited the site, and while I know some have, I also know that most have never returned.

I figure it is up to them. If they are truly interested, and want to lean, then great. If not, their loss.

“I open the door, but it is up to them to walk through it.” You know. The red pill blue pill thing.

There is no need to cast pearls before swine.


I don’t pick and choose. I try to help everyone to the best of my ability.

Let them all see the light.


No serious, I won’t tell someone who isn’t going to get it or appreciate it. My view has always been that you must learn the basics first. Honestly, having someone read T-mag without first understanding some basics of lifting and nutrition is like giving a student a dissertation on the theory of relativity without first teaching him about basic rules of physics. They are going to get lost and discouraged.

So…if I have time and I think the person is going to be interested, I tell them to learn some basics of lifting and nutrition (basic proper lifting techniques, the importance of protein/complex carbs, training splits, etc.) Once they have the basics down I send them to T-mag. That’s how I got here.

Option #2 - If I see someone who looks like they have a pretty good idea, are doing serious lifts, and using correct form, I will sometimes bring it up. It’s pretty rare that I find these guys though.