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Recreational/street drugs...

Howdy T-Folk. I was just wondering what you all thought about recreational drugs? (e.g. speed, E, LSD, etc…) They’re not really my thing, although I have experimented before to a very ‘small’ extent, and personally don’t have a problem with other people using them as long as they’re smart about it. Your thoughts…?

i dont see the harm in using them from time to time as long you keep it all in moderation and are smart about it, i also try to just keep it for kicks and not make it my fix

Here is my shit. I fricken hate acid and E. They both make me lose my shit. I always want to either go home and lay in my bed, or rip someone’s throat out (I assume the latter would be more frequent when also on Androsol). Never tried speed, although I bet it would be a sweet metabolism booster. When I smoke weed too much, I get all soft and weak when I’m not stoned.
Conclusion: “recreational” drugs suck. Also, most supplements suck. Reefer is good in VERY small infrequent sessions.

I don’t mind people using drugs responsibly(anti-oxidants,infrequent use,etc) but I don’t do well on drugs even the so called gentle ones like mary j, I hallucinate(sometimes), my CNS gets so jacked up I shake, and I have to run all my energy off while my friends are chillin.Parodoxical but true.

acid is definately my drug of choice. LSD however, is not for every head.

i personally think messin with some of them are like messing with fire… yes you get burned. Anyway the more i learn about the green leaf, the more i question its illegality. I saw a good show on the history of hemp, cannabis included, similarly to the “testimonies” that put steriods away but worse, the only thing congress had to put on marijuana away was the sensationalistic newspapers from the early 1900s from Hearst and the like (yellow journalism i think)— they described impossible things like cannabis causing a whole familly to go insane in mexico… jeez.

Mark, bad news, except for maybe a little weed now and then.

Probably no worse for you than roids. Hell, maybe you could mix them all up together and have a real shootout. :slight_smile:

I don’t touch the stuff. Never have, never will. Don’t need it and don’t want it.

I look at most “street drugs” (which includes prescription drugs for which I don’t have a script, e.g. ritalin) as alternatives to alcohol. I hate the feeling of being drunk (out of control) and especially the next day!! None of this I do I do on a regular basis, but when it’s time to party… Fortunately, I react well to most. Combinations can also be fun…

Words of advice: Never do weed without any clomid on hand!

t - I gotta agree, my poison of choice isn’t alcohol either, actually I quite hate the stuff. I wouldn’t say I’ve turned to drugs instead, but when there’s a BIG anual rave on, I’ll bring out the ‘da good stuff’…! When I do though, I usually carry around quite a few multi-vitamins, a protein bar or two, water bottle, etc… and ALWAYS do it with friends!

James I have to agree with you. Acid is far and away my favorite drug. I don’t really have much use for it anymore as I think that I did enough to experience about as much as I could from it. I really feel very strongly that it was and is a very useful drug. True not everyone handles it very well but most don’t handle really getting to know themselves either. Mind you, it isn’t necessary, just helpful.