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Recreational Drugs and Lifting?


Now, I know these two are mostly incompatible, but even though I avoid alcohol or substance use in general, since I AM just a normal guy and not a pro lifter or bodybuilder, I sometimes partake in some heavy drinking and/or substance use.

My question is, to those who happen to do the same, how do you concile the two? What are your drugs of choice, if comfortable discussing? How much does it affect you?

As a fan of raving and clubbing, I love MDMA. But the following day I look flat like a raisin, and my strength levels will be paying for an entire week to come.


cocaine is a hell of a drug


Being straight edge I have my views on alcohol and recreational drugs that don't really need to be made clear to anyone who knows what "straight edge" is. The only thing I'll say is that if that's your thing, all the power to you, but the effect it has on my workouts would be the least of my worries.


Youre encouraged to use the search function. I mean there's a chance youre the first person to ever talk about drugs on an internet forum but give it a shot


So youre saying drugs have negative effects on the body?

Sweet. Great post.


This reminds me of the scene in American Beauty when Lester is smoking a joint while working out.


Best fucking movie of all time. Period.


LOL, good movie but for reals, who could train while stoned?
I golfed once after smoking a fatty and I got so bored I lost my clubs somewhere. I wouldn't take the chance of being that distracted with a loaded bar over my head or on my back.


Lol - true, but I think Spacey is benching about 60 pounds in that flick! : )


How do you lose your clubs while playing golf?


I dunno, put them down somewhere and wandered off.
Most boring game on the planet if you ask me.


Frank Yang (nobody said anything about it begin productive training).


Have you ever see Scent of a Woman........ON WEED?


Ive worked out high (bud) and it was good. Better focus for the first 25minutes in the gym then you get really tired. Mind muscle connection is better but i would never squat or deadlift high. Only cable and dumbbell stuff.
Doesnt make you weaker surprisingly. Makes you forget what rep your on.


I think it varies from person to person, because it made me weak as hell. A buddy of mine tried to bench in my basement.... it was bad. I knew a guy who loved to smoke before he worked out for basically the same reasons you stated.

Not to mention that there would've been no way that I would even fathom being INSIDE a GYM, where there's PEOPLE. They would all know that I was stoned. I'd probably sit inside a bathroom stall and wait until the gym was practically empty.


I've worked out while high before and i actually had a better workout and my strength stayed the same .. don't know why.


I think a lot of people that complain about not being able to gain weight would really benefit from smoking some reefer.... just sayin :slight_smile:


Some of my best workouts have been while I was high.

I also know a guy who's squatted 1003 while he was high.

Fuckin' California.


working out high is bomb mary jane is a vasodialator and a painkiller plus concentration is great stoned too.... just gotta avoid the couchlock buddha


Yes but posting while high = not so good.