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I feel I can’t recover after a workout at all the last couple of months, and I can’t think of anything I do different. I weigh about 190 at 5’ 10" 7%BF, I eat about 3400 calories a day split at 40%c 40%p 20%f. I get at least 8 hours sleep, I average about 1 beer a month, I take a 1 week break about every 2-3 months, I usually rotate my training with GVT for a few weeks and then I do like a 5x5 program. I train 4 days a week , it usually takes 90 minutes with the warmup. I have a liquid meal right after training with maltodextrin and creatine and whey. When it comes time for me to go to work, I am so damn tired I can’t move. I also take Androsol and I take my vitamins with my food, and my food is a pretty big variety with alot of fruit, and veggies, flax oil and plenty of different protein. Please if anyone could give me an answer, I was hoping someone that trains with Coach Davies or someone that does alot of volume, I am sure they know alot on the subject.
Thanks JReal

I sounds like you are doing everything right. Maybe you are just getting older. As for me, I could never do what I used to do 10 years ago, and I’m only 31. I tried GVT recently and I had to quit after a week and a half. I just could not recover! Give Ian King’s program a tried. It will feel like gross undertraining, but see it through to the end. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

5’10", 190 @ 7%? You’ve got alot of muscle to feed if that is your true body comp. Try uppin your calories to 4200. Obviously, you have to do it smartly. If you’re already ingesting the right macronutrient ratios and eating the right kinds of carbs, fat and protein, then simply take in the additional calories with the same macronutrient ratios.

Any recent changes in stress levels? Remember, if your life stress levels are up, your recovery rate is down. Also keep in mind that the stress doesn’t have to be negative. Moving, getting married, starting a new job or school can all have physical effects because of stress, even if those life events are positive.

Lastly, are your off days coming after only two days of training i.e. Train Mon and Tues, take Wed off, etc. That’s optimal for most people according to Ian King. I’ve been doing it for a year and find that rest day is very helpful. I’ll then train Thursday and Friday and take off Saturday, basically never training hard with weights more than two days in a row.

It sounds to me like boredom. Add some excitement to your life and change things up. If you usually train in the evening try training first thing in the morning for a while. If you normally eat pretty much the same foods and diet try doing something different there. I know I get like this too if I don’t continually shake things up from time to time.

Thanks for the response guys, I forgot to mention I am 26, and I don’t think I have enough stress on me, I am only working about 10 hours a week because I used to work night shift and it was killing me, so my girl said she really wanted me at home around the same time as her, so she pays all my bills and hates when I go to work, she likes me to work out and have sex, I still don’t know how I managed this situation, but anyway its been like 10 months and I am still looking for the right job for me, and I really want one I just want one I won’t be miserable at, because I hate changing jobs.

I envy you.

You lucky bastard :wink: