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Hi guys. I was just wondering what do you guys do to promote recovery after a heavy weights session? Does stuff like sauna, massage or a simple hot bath help? Or do you just rely on sleep? What kind of supps can enhance the recovery cycle. I hope the staff of t-mag can also give me a response.

Dude, if you just to the online search engine for T-mag, type “recovery”, and click search, you will find more info than you can handle.
Here’s a sample:
1… Eat within 20 minutes after a workout. See the recent post workout nutrition excitement.
2… Alternate warm and cool water in the shower.
3… Massage.
4… Sleep at least 7 - 8 hours at night.
5… There is so much more. Go read!

Ian King has covered this about a million times in his Heavy Metal columns and articles. Look it up.

There’s nothing superior to good old fashioned sleep. No amount of food, no caloric overload, no magical supps, not even steroids, replace sleep. When in doubt, take the extra day off from the gym, rather than cram in that additional workout.

I think that this is a good question, don’t listen to those other guys telling you to look it up. Massage helps a lot. I also think that epsom salt helps alot. PNF streching is also useful.