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other than blood tests, how do you tell for sure if you have recovered from a cycle or not? how do you know when to stop pct?

you can go by how you feel, such as energy, strength, sex drive. Also your testicle size, if they athropied (spelling?) did they go back to normal size?

thats the thing ive never felt, weak, tired, or lacked sex drive post cycle. im three weeks off right now and my strength is the same and i feel fine.

i am suspect of the gear you were using bro. you should have distinct feelings while on which differ greatly from how you feel when off. JT, is right. for me some key indicators are things such as sex drive. mine is very distinct at different points of my cycling. but blood work is always a good idea as well as a wide variety of other tests to check hormone levels, organ function, lipid profile, etc. next time use one of the guys i hooked you up with. you will get legit gear. then there wont be any guessing.

yeah im suspect too. however i did make my own tren and i have used homebrew in the past. i have never felt a crash of any kind. maybe my libido is just so freakishly strong that nothing can stop it.

lol, your boys are like salmon swimming upstream. that is some potent shit!

just for the record…i dry humped the shit out of a girl yesterday! my boys are like iron! im gonna change my name to P-IRON.

P-Iron? Why not D-Hump?

lol. another thread for the archives

lmfao! i dry hump one freaken sasquatch and now it will be with me for the rest of my life. everywhere i go people stop and say “look its the dry humper!” when will it end???

I got my last dog because of dry humping!

My friend, Doc McCarthy, is an avid hunter and keeps a few gun dogs. About 4 years ago he and his wife were having a dinner party for the partners in his orthopedic practice. His 4 year old English Setter, Sassy, was napping under the table. In walks Bo, his field bred 6 month old Black Lab puppy. Bo gets under the dinning room table and starts dry humping Sassy. He went at it with such ferocity that the table started quivering and it looked like it was levitating.

Anyway, Doc’s wife banished Bo from the property and Doc gave him to me. The first thing Bo did was to start dry humping my female Lab so I put an electronic collar on him, turned it up to 10 and zapped him the next time he started on her. He never dry humped again.

So, P-DOG, watch out if any female admirer gives you a necklace for a present. :slight_smile:

lmfao! best dry hump story ever.