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About 6 weeks ago I went under the knife to fix a knee problem. I was not able to train for about 2 weeks. My eating habits although healthy during those two weeks I was not able to eat the same about of frequency that I normally do. I usually eat 7 times a day and while recovering I had about 4. Through the two weeks I lost about 7 pounds. From my pinching I calculated it as 3 pounds of water weight, 2 fat, 2 muscle. Anyway its been 3 weeks since ive started training again, and like predicted my strength is way down. At around almost 30 pounds lower on certain lifts. Anyway I thought no big deal it would come back quick. Well while ive gained back the bodyweight my strength is still way down. I know this is highly individual but how long will it be before my strength levels return?

Only a totally different issue has anybody tried sugar free Red Bull as a pre workout drink. ECA drives me nuts. If so has it been effective?

Matt, I have no idea, but have you considered radically changing your workout, just to shake things up a bit? If you want strength, I’d go with a good 5x5 strength program like Joel Marion’s Ripped, Rugged & Dense for a month or so.

Thanks for responding Terry. You may be on to something because since coming back to training after the two weeks off ive been doing considerable higher volume than I usually do (around 12 rep range), while I usually work in the 4-8 rep range. I have done the 5x5 program in the past so ill have to give to another go.

Thanks again