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what is a good supplement to aid recovery. i weight train and do jiujitsu. i was wondering if there was anything to speed up the recovery process.

Creatine,ribose,tribex.Some say glutamine,but ive been taking about 10 grams for three years and all i can see is it might have some recovery ability but not enough to notice.Tribex helps me recovery beutifully,kind of giving me a buzz.Creatine definetly helps,and since we deplete our intramuscular storage Im not a beleiver in cycling it.

Proper pre and post workout nutrition. See the recent Essential Berardi article and Precise Nutrition for 2002 and Beyond in issue 186. Surge is a great product to speed recovery. Also, good diet is vital to recovery.

Siberian Ginseng is a widely used and very popular (as well as cheap) adaptogen that helps your body cope with stress. I have also read that Mumie (sold under the name Shilojit) is an excellent and highly effective adaptogen, but I have no personal experience with it.

I would say clean whole foods are the “supplement” that is missing in most diets. F all the others until the foundation is built!

Oh here we go…WSTRAINER. You are not reading much of the posts on Glutamine and Branch Chanins are you? Since you are training with a “WS” Protocol you need at least 30-40 grams per day of branch chain aminos and 50-60 grams of Glutamine. I just came off of a 6 month long cycle and here we are only 12 weeks off of a 6 month cycle of deca,d-bol,cyp,HGH,winny and I am making gains again. And I only lost 5-7lbs in coming off. One must assume that 5-7 lbs is just water and that the muscle gained has stayed intact. I credit this to training and nutrition. I put down Glutamine and Branch chains like it is water, literally. I don’t even make shake…I just scoop the shit right into my mouth and chase it with water. Try it…You will notice in just a few days…BTW…I was going to resist the WS diss but here it is…Westside trainers just don’t have what it takes to make gains year after year without getting hurt, considering all of you WSers that are on this site, I haven’t seen anyone advocating high doses of Glutamine and Branch chain aminos. Sucks for you guys because us Renegades have “been doin’ this.”

Definitely proper nutrition before and after your workouts. Also recovery time. At one point, I was weight training 2-days a week, training in karate 4-days a week, and boxing 1-2 days a week. Sundays, I was a worthless lump and would just lay down ALL day and rest. And eat.

Remember, to get your rest, too.

Vitamin C. It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

WS doesnt stand for Westside,it is the initials of my business name.Anyways the question was about which supplements to use for recovery,and you state glutamine and B.C.A.A,s,and I agree on this.The only problem is cost.I dont know what brand of B.C.A.A.s your using,but we,ve experimented with glutacene,but at $5-6 a drink for 35 grams,unless you dont have a girlfriend,this will be an issue.Lately Ive been drinking a Prolab N-Large shake during my workouts and this has definetely helped with my recovery.Each shake has around 17grms of BCAAs,7 grms of alanine,5 grams of glutamine and cost around $2 a shake.Even with 90 grms of carbs a serving,a carb sensitive guy like me is not getting fat.This might be more cost effective if you can handle the carbs.

Sorry there are a lot of westside guys here and I just jumped to conclusions. As for the cost of BCAA and Glutamine…I get mine from Protein Creations they just changed their name to Xtreme Formulations…I spend less than 200 dollars a week on food and supps and that includes: 7-8 lbs of Tri-Tip, 25-30 eggs, 4-5 lbs of chicken breast, lots of Peanut Butter and basically still have room for a couple of impulse buys but these are the staples. With that same 200 bucks I manage to get my 40-60 grams of BCAA and 60-80 of Glutamine per day. If you are eating these things recovery is not a dietary problem. Hey WSTRAINER…If you can’t find a good deal on the glutamine and BCAA’s you might have to team up with some buddies and buy a couple of grand worth of stuff at one time from one place. That is what me and a couple of friends did and we got almost double what we would have individually.

Actually I sell supplements as a side job,just for close people.But some people have to prioritize between supplements(drugs?),food,car payments or even house mortgages.For my higher income clients,they can afford whatever I suggest supplement wise,but they usually dont train as hard.But with my lower income clients,they usually train hard but cant afford the necessary supplements to recover.Anyone who read Mauro DiPasquales protein book will definetly be convinced about the benefits of glutamine and bcaa’s during or around your workouts.I beleive Coach Davies has stated somewhere that he is a firm beleiver in taking bcaa’s.Isnt it funny how people credit Poliquin and Serrano for introducing bcaa’s to us when Hatfield has wrote about this some 12+years ago and DiPasquales book was written in 1997.Just goes to show that the info is there if you just try to look for it.

D_END, whats your protocol, do you use the entire dose during your workout or do you space throughout the day? Also what type of results are the gains you are still making?

Personally I think low intensity cardio after workout (or any high intensity exercise) is the best thing you can do to aid recovery. It’s a pain in the butt and the last thing one feels like doing after a workout, but it really pays off. Together with proper diet (pre and post workout) it’s the only thing that really shows any results (of course that’s only my very subjective opinion - I never noticed any difference using specific supplements).

Surge (for a post-workout supplement),
Massage Therapy,
Hot/Cold showers


For the last five months I have been “Renegade Training.” Obviously, Defensive End Specific. And it was on Coach Davies advice that I upped the dose of my glutamine and branch chains. I used to make shakes and spread them out throughout the day, then I realized I make really bad shakes. No one likes them but me. So hey, try the stuff straight up…That’s what I did and it isn’t that bad. Just have a good chaser on hand. I do drink some insanely strong lemonade with 15 grams of Glutamine and 10 Branch Chains during my work out, since I usually train twice a day this is something I cannot go without. The rest I just spread throught the day. As for my gains…I came off the longest cycle of my life at 250lbs With in three weeks I dropped to 245lbs, I was very happy with that. Then held 245lbs for 4-5 weeks longer and caught the flu. I lost 13lbs in 8 hours. When I finally got back to full bore training I was only holding 240lbs. It has been about 6 weeks since then and I am hovering right around 245lbs. But the thing is my strength has gone up. For instance, my over head squat has gone from 95 lbs to 185lbs. Yeah I know it’s all technique. But get this, there has been no change in recovery time for me. I hopped on the High dose of Glutamine and BCAAs just toward the end of my cycle (which I will never do again for that long.) I have stayed with the high dose of GL and B C s and recovery is good enough to make gains even coming off cycle and training almost 12 hours per week. I am definitely a Hard Gainer. When I graduated high school I was 6’7" 175. I am 27 now. Hope that helps.

D_END, that’s tremendous, and I commend anyone who trains Renegade style. The results on your OH squat speak for themselves regardless of it being technque or gains, I mean damn near 100% increase!!! I will be giving these supps a try in the near future, thanks.