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Recovery When Drunk

Well, like a frickin moron, I went and got drunk tonight. As far as minimizing damage, what can be done to lessen the damage from this?? I plan on doubling my water intake tomorrow to 2 gallons, and keeping my diet extra strict for the next couple of days. Besides this, what can be done? This was fortunately my cheat day, but still… I really shouldn’t have done this. Any advice is appreciated.


Oh my god! U went out and had some fun! *gasps* Dont sweat it. We all have lives around here. Just keep ur diet strict as it ( i assume) is when ur not getting drunk once in a long while. Sure u put on an extra layer of fat,  but u shold have no problem getting it off.

there are 365 days in a year. i dont think your going to notice if your test levels were only at their peak for 364. drink a bit more water, be a little stricter on your diet this week, but dude, is all good, your not going to shrink and get fat. if your gonna do something that goes against our lifestyle (such as drink or take a cheat day) you might as well go all out.

I have my drunk nights as well.
When I drink I stay way away from mixed drinks. Either wine, beer or Scotch. I bought Liver rite pills and take a couple before and a couple when I stumble home. Along with a my ZMA dose with lots of water. Then I force my @ss up in the AM and go for a long run. Hurts like hell at first but aids in my recovery. Then good breakfast.

Here is some advice from a pro if you go and get drunk.

  1. Do not take tylenol!!!

  2. Drink plenty of water before going to bed.
    I drink a min. of 3 cups and go to bed. Why your dehydrated which does not do much for you in the morning. I usually find after doing this I will wake uo in the middle of the night use the restroom and drink another glass or two of water.
    I have also started taking a 1/2 gallon of water with me leave it in the car and drink it on the ride home.

  3. Pedalite- the elctrolyte formula you give to infants. Relatively cheap and works wonders. Half before going to bed half upon waking.

  4. Alka seltzer morning relief- For when you need a quick pick me up. Great blend of asprin and caffine taste like sh*t but if you take it lay down for about 15 minutes and get up you will be better. At least it works well for myself and coworker after drinking ourselves silly t0 4_30 and waking up for a company breakfast at 6:00.
    Hope this helps

JMB mentioned Androsol or 4-AD-EC use the night you get yo drink on. It’s supposed to simply keep your T levels from falling through the floor. Personally, I just don’t drink.

I would assume someone else is driving you home when you’re downing that 1/2 gallon of water after your night of boozing? If not, then you should probably re-think your priorities.

Yes I use a DD, a taxi, or I do go out and not drink and allow my friends to have a good time and make sure they make it home safe. My priorities are fine and I appreciate the concern. Trust me I have enough on the line where a 20 dollar cab ride is nothing compared to losing my job. I just remember the post being in regards to a hangover cure not on how to have a safe ride home. Once again I appreciate your concern my unknown friend.

never use Tylenol for your headache. I’ve found a good workout (especially legs) does wonders for my hnagover. My theory is that the metabolism of ETOH produces an excess of reducing equivalents, and they are consumed by the movement of heavy iron.

Silymarin, milk thistle

1 gram L-cystIEne

3 grams Vit C

500 mg B1

a B complex
fish oil

when you wake up with a hangover drink a couple beers to cure it.dont get drunk again though or you might end up binging.

I used to drink a ton, not so much anymore, as I transferred from a party school to a school that wishes it could be. The leg workout idea is a good one, but make sure you aren’t gonna tip over. Anyway you want to maximize water retention, so slug down that water. Sodium helps this. Don’t take any pain reliever, if you can’t do the time don’t do the crime. Activity the next day will seriously dull the effects of any hangover. You’ll sweat out the alcohol, the only proof I have of this is how my hair felt like it had been hairsprayed when morning-after workout sweat began to dry (and the boozey smell).
Good luck
Adam Marshall

Building on Coyote’s post, it’s much better to take the milk thistle before you go out drinking – take a double or triple dose and it will help stave off liver damage (I have no idea whether it will help the morning after).

Also, a strong second for the NO ACETOMENOPHEN (Tylenol) rule – when you process it you make a byproduct toxic to your liver. It’s easy enough to take too much when you haven’t been drinking, let alone when your liver is already taxed.

Obviously, the best way to avoid damage is to drink a lot of water while drinking alcohol and minimize your consumption, but we all go overboard occasionally. Here’s the best anti-hangover prevention I’ve found (and back in my college days I had my share of benders), for use after you get home and think, “Oh God, what have I done to myself now?”:

1 Quart Gatorade
1 quality multi-vitamin
2 Tablespoons of peanut butter (I’m sure Coyote’s fish oil would work just as well, as you really are after the fat)
1 aspirin

If you’re sober enough to take that when you get home, you’ll thank me in the morning.

And as everyone else basically said, don’t worry too much about the damage – just train hard and watch your diet extra closely for the next week and you’ll be all set.

The other type of recovery. Take two charcoal tablets while/after drinking–they help filter impurities from the booze, not the alchol, so you don’t get the sour stomach as hard–and before have a high fat meal before hand. 4-AD-EC at about 3 mg (1/2 regular) dose will make you feel normal in the morning or if you take it before hand. Don’t use any painkiller except asprin, once I had 5 drinks after a 2000mg day of ibuprofen and I could actually see where my liver was swollen.

as long as were on the subject, I am going out tonight for the first time in a long while, what would be the best choice of drink to minimize hangover/calorie gain etc…I usually start off with a couple of Dewares on the rocks, then I am sufficietly drunk enough to not care what goes down the hatch after that…haha, tonight though Id like to do a little something different…

Beer is good.

Even more important than the lowered T levels is the fact that alcohol directly inhibits protein synthesis. This effect lasts at least 24h hours. Not good if yoru goal is growth.


On the nights you do that, try to hit up some Powerade with cottage cheese, zinc, magnesium and a small amount of yohimbe before zonking out. In the context of a healthy lifestyle, the occasional binge or the occasional clean roll isn’t that bad. It’s all about frequency and a sane approach though. You can get too much of a good thing.

Hey does anyone notice that they get more hungover while on creatine? Maybe it’s just me.

Nope, but you get real lean while you’re taking clenbuterol!