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Recovery Training

I recently broke my leg and dislocated it playing rugby i’ve got nine pins and a plate. I can use my leg fully again now and wondered if anybody new of any good training programs to get me back to my best any help is appriciated

I’m not a sports medicine therapist, so I don’t know where to send you other than to a sports medicine rehabilitation specialist of some kind. One issue that you might bear in mind, though, is that recent research indicates that part of the reason that atheletes “lose a step” after “successful” surgeries is neural inhibition and a reduction in proprioceptive sense (i.e. joint-position sense). There are therapy techniques that aim to restore proprioceptive sense in addition to restoring strength, e.g. BAPS boards restore proproceptive sense in the ankle. I’d recommend finding someone with a sports medicine specialization and as much experience as possible to train you in how to rehabilitate yourself. (I’ll be candid: If the average patient had the dedication to self-improvement of the average t-magger, the US would need about 1/3 the current number of PT’s [i.e. physical therapists, but it probably holds for if PT stands for personal trainer.] Heck, we’d probably need 1/3 as many doctors for that matter!) This is important not only to regain as much function as possible, but to avoid any lingering loss or alteration in function that increases your chances of suffering another injury. Some core strengthening techniques also apply here. Hope that helps.

I just noticed Bill posting further down the page. If I remember correctly, Bill is also a PT and would probably know a lot more about this than I would, so you might page him if he doesn’t jump in here (and tell you I’m full of crap)!:wink:

Mind me asking how exactly this happened?

When you say that you can use your leg fully again, does that imply you have no limitations imposed by your physician? Where are the pins? What was fractured? What was dislocated? Do you still have pain? Where? Do you walk normally? Can you run? Go up and down stairs without pain? Is there any limitations on range of motion? Any swelling? How long ago was the injury? Is the hardware going to be removed or is it permanent? How old are you? Answer these questions and we’ll see if we can help you. By the way…most PT’s are full of shit.

I’ll second that opinion on PTs.

as a fellow rugger, first of all let me just say OUCH!!! what on earth did you do? i broke my leg a few years ago in a tackle drill… and that sucked… are you going to be able to play again? what did you dislocate and where was the break?