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Recovery Training

I haven’t been able to find any articles on recovery training on T-mag. I for one would like to see an article about how to speed up recovery with training. What does anyone else think about this? Anyone else want to see an article like this?

Oh goodness yes. Information on hormones. Information on protein synthesis. Information on glycogen. CNS.

We’d need sections devoted to strength training and hypertrophy training.

Being a 43 yr old bodybuilder nothing is more important to me then recovery. If you look through the t-mag archives you will find quite a lot of advice on recovey. Especially the John Berardi articles. Recovery training is relative to the individual(on gear, off gear, age slow or fast twitch fibers so on and so on). You know your body better than anyone and a lot of times experience is the best factor in determining your recovery time. I can tell you tht Biotests Surge was a godsend for my recovery. I actually feel this shit!! Dont go for acheaper post-workout shake such as Recovery X by Muscle Link, because there is no comparison. ONLY AND ONLY Surge has 100% hydrolyzed whey as there sole post protein. This is very important because it gets into your muscle faster than any other kind. Surge may not be one of the sexiest new supps. out there, but it is a must for any serious trainer. I also incorporate MD6 and Gens Humanavar along with Grow. Most important get plenty of rest. Try this supplement stack for better recovery. If you can only afford one definantly go for the Surge.

recovery from what???

I agree, information on recovery training would be quite useful. Through my own poking around I have found some information out there. I think that Dave Tate has suggested (either here, at deepsquatter, or at his elitefitnesssystems site) that a “flushing” workout the day following a training using 60% of the weight used in training will speed recovery. An example might be, if you squatted 300 lbs on Monday, the following day you would squat 180lbs (say a couple sets of 10 reps). I think Dave also recommends that the day following that, you again use a recovery workout with 60% of the previous day’s load. So, to use the above example, on Wednesday you would squat again with 60% of 180 lbs (about 110 lbs). I believe that this is referred to as the empirical rule of 60 percent. Some other techniques for speeding recovery are massages, wet or dry saunas, coniferous pine or epsom salt baths, contrast baths/showers and (reportedly) the use of adoptogens like Mumie and Siberian Ginseng. It should also be noted that recovery means and methods need to be rotated as the body adapts to them just as it does to training (thus reducing effectiveness). Drs. Siff and Yessis have put out a book which translated several Russian studies on massage and restoration techniques which can also be found at the elitefts.com site.


To increase your recoivery time you need to have LIGHT workout fro that muscle group later in the week. 1 hard 1 easy 1 medium workout in a weak for a certain muscle group is great! You hit your muscle 3 times per week and it recovers/grows even faster!!!


I’m new to this, and there’s something I don’t understand. I just read the replies and, twice, somebody wrote “Bump”. What does that mean?