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Recovery Time

One thing that supposedly separates us “mature” athletes from the young bucks is intelligence.
Well we don’t always use or show it fellow old farts.

One guy in our gym who is 60 trains with a strained hamstring and cannot figure out why it hurts. Duh!

Myself, I felt some lower back discomfort so I rested it a day. Then did a squat workout doing sets of 8 with pretty good weight. Now I have missed a week of training due to it. It hurts to even get out of a chair at home or work.

Fellow old farts, use some brains. I was so gung ho on training for next year I did not use my brain. Use yours and you will do a lot better.
My advice for the week, lift with brains and muscle, not ego and muscle.

If it is a hurting pain, not discomfort pain, rest it. The 4 greatest tools of mankind, duct tape, WD40, ice and heating pads. Use them wisely.

Counter Point: I’m 48, hurt my back did dead lifts the next day and my back got fixed. Training through or around injury is just training. We all have litle aches pains and strains and to deemphasise a joint or muscle for a few work outs while hitting everything else you can will keep you on top of your game. Go get’m Senseial!

Ice, heat, swimming, massage, stretching etc. all help speed the recovery process. I train harder than I ever have and I attribute this to two things. The list above and another list of supplements and basic healthy food choices.

In my late thirties, I’m dealing with major injuries for the first time. I’m glad I’ve put in years studying recovery (I’ve written on some of the research/ now in the Archives) but deciding on what’s ego vs. best-case discipline takes some experience and skill.

As a surgery gimp my plan right now is:
1.) Rest, eat well and heal for a few weeks
2.) Start back with lighter conditioning lifts every other day
3.) Avoid anything that hurts; work around injuries

You know, my toughest challenge is learning to tolerate the inability of my joints/ tendons to keep up with my mind and muscle capabilities.

I’m with Sensei… lift smart, lift for life.