Recovery Time Improvement on Cycle?

Hi guys,

I had some questions on how different your recovery time is on your cycles and if you feel like you can train more frequently and get by with less rest.

While the obvious answer is yes, I’d like to ask anyways because I’m sure it could differ from person to person.
I’m a yoga & lifestyle coach and wake up at 4.30am to train my clients, and work all the way up till 10.30pm. I’d like to start my first cycle (been training for 5 years, can squat 315, bench 240, at 72 kilos, 5’10, 17-20%bf).

My only concern is that i often don’t get enough sleep because of my schedule. If i start this cycle, i intend on getting rid off a few clients to sort of make space for myself to train more frequently, as well as get 6 hours of sleep per night. I’m hoping that the improved recovery time because of the steroids will help me get by with 5-6 hours of sleep, as opposed to the 8 hours i used to get while training in my hayday.

Thoughts and suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

So this is a really interesting question. I’ve always had trouble sleeping. Since high school all the way to now (I’m 35) sleep has been an issue. After starting TRT my sleep did not improve nor did I notice a change in the quality of the sleep. But what I did notice was how much less soreness I had when I woke up. Even after a really hard workout I would wake up with fewer aches than before my treatment. Because of that I’m able to get more done each day, whether it’s at the office or in the gym. Over time that improved recovery has compounded and helped make a difference in my mood, my training, and my everyday life.

I would say that if you’re used to getting less sleep and your body is acclimated to it then any additional sleep and recovery you get once you start your cycle will be pretty noticeable over time.

I almost never get DOMS anymore since blasting and cruising.

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Same here.

I’ll get tendon soreness if I work a particular group too much, but not DOMS.

so then, a few lesser hours of sleep shouldn’t be a factor holding me back from starting a cycle, right?

I wouldn’t let it stop me. Pursue your goals, adjust your life where you can.

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