Recovery Supplements

It is wrestling season and I am overtrained what are some good supplements for recovery? I am thinking BCAA’s and creatine but is there way to take creatin with out the water retention to still make weight?

and by the way my nutrition is perfect. So I am not one of those dumb asses who eats like shit but wants to take like no xplode and shit to give them results.

CEE as opposed to monohydratewill cut down on the water bloat, beware of the taste however. High dose BCAAs with a quick carb source pre/during/post workout will help you recovery greatly. What is your training and diet looking like during wrestling?

the water retention abilities of creatine are over-rated in small doses. you might try to take it in even doses with each meal. also beta alanine would be of much help. if you cannot afford the Biotest one, look around and get a powder and dose with creatine.

if you are on a lower carb diet, taking BCAA and glutamine may be of value (the glutamine is questionable except in low carb situations). in this case the BCAA, glutamine, creatine, beta alanine stack would be taken around 30 min before each meal.

BCAA - 4g/100lbs
glutamine - 4g/100lbs
creatine - 1g/100lbs
beta alanine - 1g/100lbs

for training if you are on a low carb diet, once again, BCAA during and whey isolate, glutamine and glycine after.

dose (reflects average workout to extreme workout amounts):
BCAA - 10-20g/100lbs
optional, citrulline malate 2-4g/100lbs

whey isolate - 20-40g/100lbs
glutamine - 10-40g/100lbs
glycine - 10-20g/100lbs

if you are not on low carb diet, then normal training nutrition applies and you should definitely skip glutamine and perhaps BCAA before meals, but the creatine and beta alanine recommendations would apply.

ensuring that your fat intake is optimal will also help immensely with recovery and help you keep weight down and water retention low as will controlled sodium intake (based on need, but ensure that it gets met with little excess).

Surge, BCAA’s, Creatine, BETA-7, any of these are good choices.


Wow thanks guys didn’t expect replies so fast. My routine was a 5x5 3 times a week but that is just to much I was sick for a few weeks so am just coming back and I beleive that had to do with it. I have like 2 weeks without a meet and I lost a few pounds of muscle while sick so I will do edt for that time.

15 min pullups, 1 legged deads (both weighted)
10 min incline bench, swings
finish with heavy ab movement (side bends standing wheel rollout weighted one arm wheel rollout weighted one arm push up hold) and lateral raises finish with light ab work like crunches with small weight and maybe calf raises I also do seperate grip work. This will be on thursday and sunday Also forgot to mention this is higher volume than it would be but I have no school for 11 days so can sleep for like 10 hours at night and maybe take a mid day nap.

My routine after this time will be 3-5x3-5 pullup,deadlift one arm overhead press and lunges. With ab work being the same it is circuit style for example: pullup x3 45 rest deadlift 45 rest pullup again etc. It is normally 4 or 5 sets of pullup and deadlift and 3 of the other exercises but it depends on how I feel and when a meet is coming up this will also be on thursday and sunday. For additional conditioning work I will eventually do tabatas of burpees knee tucks etc… on tuesday and friday if you do not know tabata is 20 seconds work 10 rest for 8 sets only takes 4 minutes doesn’t stress body much and leans you out and does a hell of a lot for wrestling style condioning.

For my diet I do not count calories just follow guidlines
Never mix carbs and fats
protein every meal
1.2-1.8 grams protein pound bodyweight
1-2 grams carbs per pound (depends on bulk or cut)
(fat makes up rest of calories it is more estimated roughly 1-1.5 grams pound bodyweight or more)

I eat only paleo foods and have dried fruit or fruit juice post workout also higher gl fruits like bannanas. People say you might have problems getting in enough calories this is not an issue for me I have a large apetite and have adapted to increased fiber intake I would never consider going back to grains etc. it is the difference between a constant bad cold and healthy. I never cheat except for gum a few peaces a week and occasional mints.

And for the not couting calories thing I have a simple way of doing things so I don’t have to upper end of range or those guidlines for bulk for maintain mid range and cut low range also bulk I have more dried fruit and calorie dense things like grapes bannanas and juices for cut I have more veggies.

More sleep, more food, more water, and a back off week.

Power Drive also helps my CNS recover pretty damn fast, too, after an intensive program.

What does CEE stand for? Also what are some brands you guys like of these products aside from Biotest? I might get their BCAA’s and a powder in addition because I can’t afford all there stuff plus no way I can afford BETA-7.


I’m a wrestler as well and I see we have similar diet plans.

I stick to paleo foods as well, but since the start of winter break i started eating bread again, and i’ve always wondered if low carb (i.e. only green veggies and fruits) is optimal for wrestling.

My next meet is in 3 weeks and i’m planning on dropping from 171 to 160, but only by cutting fat. I can’t afford to lose any mass or strength. right now i’m only taking creatine, fish oil, a multivitamin, and a bedtime protein blend.

o yea I know what you mean by overtrained.
I practice every weekday on the mat, lift 3 times a week, and compete on saturdays. I’m looking into taking whey and glutamine post work-out along with BCAA’s to help with the intensity of wrestling season.

this is my lifting routine as of now, its pretty low-volume/high intensity.

Day 1: “Leg Day”

* 5x5 Barbell Squat
* 3x20 Dumbbell Lunges (10 on each leg)

* Core Training 3x15 Exercise Ball Crunch (add weight as needed)
* 2x10 (Each side) Side Bends
* 2x10 (Each side) Seated Barbell Twist (or similar)


* 15:00 HIIT (Preferably split between 10:00 running, 5:00 something else)

Day 2: Rest

Day 3: “Push Day”

* 5x5 Barbell Bench Press
* 4x8 Shoulder Press (Perform standing)
* 3x8 Seated Triceps Press

* Core Training 10:00 HIIT

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: “Pull Day”

* 5x5 Deadlifts
* 5x5 Pull-ups (w/added weight)
* 3x8 Barbell Rows
* 3x5 Hang Cleans
* Optional: Curls and grip/forearm training of any sort.

* Core Training 10:00 HIIT

Cool. how have your results been with the creatine I have never tried it? Also how have your results been with the bread and how long have you been paleo for me 3 weeks cold turkey than have any non paleo food and I feel like shit however that was ahwile ago haven’t had any non paleo food aside from the gum in about 6-7 months.

 Also about the CEE does that stand for creatine ethyl ester because I recently heard compines got sued for selling that because it doesn't esixt.

yea cee stands for creatine ethyl ester.
don’t buy that shit.
stick with regular powdered creatine monohydrate by Biotest or prolab or even eas brand.

just by taking 5 grams a day has been shown to increase power output by 10%.
right now i’m cutting weight so starting tomorrow no breads, or complex carbs whatsoever.

The form of ethyl ester is supposed to be absorb more efficiently… but i would just stick with the monohydrate. 5g is really all you need… and it works with very little or any bloating at all.

I believe you’re thinking of the creatine malate (or whatever) that was put in BSN products. There was a thread about it that mentioned it wasn’t even possible to produce in a lab.

To answer the original topic, BCAA and just plain old whey protein are a good choice.

O yeah that might have been it the thing with sueing the company because it didn’t exist. Also what other BCAA brands do you like maybe I will have Biotest pills during workout and powder the rest of the time. And I am not sure of them I didn’t like the sound of some of there ingredients. But i’ll probably buy their creatine either way, Also reading up on beta alanine more sounds amazing maybe if I get a lot of christmas money I can afford it for just the season.