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Recovery Supplements

I stopped my gym membership and workout at home only (no plan in going back, it is below expectations, for weight lifting purposes), since then I do not recovery as fast as before.

No access to pool, hot tub, steam, sauna, etc. It would make me recovery by the time I am back home ready to sleep.

So I am going about recovery myself:

  1. I do hot tub with sea salt
  2. I bought foam roller to relax muscles
  3. I also wear compression socks when I workout and bought new good quality running shoes for workouts (those soft padded ones)
  4. I use those heat creams at night, or whenever I wish to.
  5. whey protein, glucosamine sulphate 1000 mg, fish oil 1000 mg, will buy collagen and start on 3 grams.
  6. I take vitamin B complex, zinc, magnesium, vitamin D, calicum every day.

I stopped weekly massage since my form reversed back to normal (I had stiff hips, hamstring and overall legs). Now I want my body to recovery on its own.

I only found compression (stocks) and heat (creams, water, etc) work best for recovery, something like ice will make things worst and elevation does not seem to be needed. My tolerance for pain is low so I need to find a way.

Most of my trouble is from air conditioning (I live in a hot place most of the year). It makes me feel pain but I cannot stop the a/c because I feel hot easily. I keep temperature at moderate 24 c but still have same issue.

Your previous thread has 99% of the info you will ever need in the replies.

A lot of the difference might be in your head.

Those modalities may barely make a small difference. Compassionate touching (nomsayin lel) e.g. massage has most evidence but the effect size is small. All this other stuff is more the realm of pro athletes who would do/try anything to potentially gain even a 1% difference because that could be make or break at such a level.

Any sleep issues because that’ll an impact your recovery more than a thousand massages and spa treatments can fix.

I don’t understand your reply and how is l-glutamine relevant to my thread. I am looking for strategy to enhance recovery.

Soz I’ma try again.

The stuff you listed makes little difference if at all i.e.less than 1% (which is why I have no recommendations)

Lifting at home, not doing these “recovery” things, should not produce noticeable differences in recovery if everything else is similar: training, diet, sleep etc. However the placebo/nocebo effects or expectations

In the other thread the most important factors to recovery were stated: Food, Nutrition and Performance Enhancing Drugs. 99% of recovery is these three factors.

My reply is getting at spending time effort getting to 100% perfection in factors that are 1% of recovery is an inefficient approach when getting the 99% (food, sleep and drugs) up to scratch will make a bigger difference


I found benefit from those mentioned in my post at least when the pain hits harder than usual. I do not think it is only 1% but even using them few months per year can create a different to me at least.

Anyway, I do work on elements you mentioned Food and Nutrition but I am not sure I would try those Performance Enhancing Drugs, that looks painful than DOMs itself :smiley:

Fair enough lel. They are effective recovery supplements tho… they’re not called performance enhancing drugs for nothing just sayin.

If I worked on my sleep and got an hour more each night on a decent schedule it’d probably be an incredible boost but love a late night movie/snack/workout/anything really.

are you a professional athlete?

I am not, nor do I going to be.

Stretch hard immediately postworkout and then take some hydrolysed whey. Perfect world get some biotest supps like Plazma and Mag 10

good tips here also…

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then you are overthinking everything

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If you have to do all this to recover from home sessions, perhaps you need to dial down the intensity/volume and or frequency of training. Start small and work your way up.

Sleep, good food and maybe some stretching should really be all you need to recovery from basic training sessions.

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I don’t do all of that for recovery, I do to go back to optimal. I stopped training for a long time (completely for 1.5 years) and not as hard (for 2.5 years).

It make sense, active recovery is missing. I stretch after exercise, it helps a lot. Thanks