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Recovery Supplement Help


I am 20 years old, working in a factory for the summer before I go back to school and my training has come to a bit of a hault. Work its somewhat stressful on the body and I cant get good recovery time from my workouts. I work monday to friday and my only decent lifting session comes on saturday, other than that I can do 2 medium intensity workouts during the week.

It usualy takes me around 3 days to fully recover from my workout where as before the factory it would be in a day or 2 max. If I show up to work with sore legs/back/chest Im pretty much fucked
so im looking for something that could help me train hard and work at the same time.

I'm considering taking a test booster as I'm feeling very lethargic and beat down from my job, any thoughts on these? I need something that will give me motivation and superb recovery. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


You don't need a test booster, you're 20 years old. Proper peri-workout nutrition in which the intake of carbs and protein are optimized will aid in your recovery and continued strength gains more than any fancy supplement could.

If I had to toss out some suggestions for things you could take around and during your workout: Surge Workout Fuel and BCAA's.


  1. Goddamn report button is now RIGHT NEXT to the quote button.

  2. Spot on. Proper nutrition around your workout makes a world of difference in recovery and well...everything.


Thank you captain obvious's but my nutrition is pretty spot on.

The problem is the physical labor at work slowly wears on my body through the week making it harder to do anything outside of that. If I was an athlete this would sort of be the in-season delema.

I think im going to give the Anaconda protocol a shot possibly...


Oh really? Well, feel free to post out what a complete day of food intake looks like for you so that we can all apply your dietary principles into our own lives.


Obviously it isn't. You need more food it would seem to recover properly. Give it a try.


Ask for advice and then insult the people who give it to you?

You're off to a good start sir.

I say "fuck you." Figure shit out yourself if you're gonna act like a child.




I wasnt asking for diet advice, I've been in the game long enough to know what not eating enough enough is. If I was having trouble with my diet I wouldnt come to a forum anyways but thanks, I was looking for supplement suggestions and thoughts. I've taking training seriously since I started 5 years ago and have made a lot of mistakes and believe me ive had my learning curve and im not a noob like you may think from behind your computer screens.

Any supplement shoutouts would be appreciated.


Regardless of how long you've been in the game, the introduction of a new physical and mental stress aka your new job makes for a new demand of nutrients to properly recover. While the Anaconda Protocol would certainly help with recovery, there are many other more cost effective and simple products to remedy your situation, such as my recommendation from my intial post which you seemed to ignore. Along with a solid diet, Surge Workout Fuel and BCAA's will do wonders.

Unlike those that have written you off for being an ignorant little punk, I'll gladly toss out some more recommendations if you're willing to listen. If not, enjoy spinning your wheels and your lack of progres.


no energy and shitty workouts... yup you definitely dont need any diet adjustments, more supplements will fix all your problems. try some EFAs, i hear they improve brain function