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Recovery Supplement (Euphoria?)

With all the amazing new supplements being released by Biotest, I’m wondering if “Euphoria” the deep relaxation supplement is still going to be made. I always train in the evening and take some sort of caffeine product to give me an extra boost and I find that by the end of the night, I have a hard time sleeping. Its bad enough that I only get 6 hours of sleep. I sometimes take ZMA which seems to help me sleep a little but I find my body still unrelaxed. I remember someone from the T-Staff talking about how the “Euphoria” testing samples produced deep relaxation similar to Marijuana. That would be great to have as part of our recovery supplement arsenal. Any Chance?

I could get some use out of this as well…


There’s still some work going on in this particular area. One compound which I recently came across may not only have that anxiolytic effect but may have some beneficial effects upon sex hormone levels as well. Nothing definitive yet, but when there is, I’ll pass it along.