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Recovery Strategies


One of the many changes I've noticed as I age is that I don't recover from intense training as easily as I used to and so I've come to realize that bodybuilding really is a sport that you participate in 24/7 - whether you're aware of it or not. Recovery used to be something I never thought much about. Nature forced me to wise up.

Anyone paying any attention to this game knows how important nutrition is and should be aware of post-workout glycogen and protein recovery using high glycemic carbs and quickly absorbed protein. Naturally, creatine is also part of the mix.

My main area of interest is in neurotransmitter recovery and I'm curious if others have done any experimentation in this area.

Here is what I'm currently taking specifically to help with neurotransmitter recovery:

Ginkgo Biloba
Acetyl L Carnitine

If you're using these or any others, I'd like to know what your experience has been.

Another strategy I use is to make sure my room is as dark and as quiet at night while sleeping as possible and I've also started keeping the lights low during the evening so as not to prolong "daytime" any longer than needed.

Any other recovery strategies you use that I may be missing?


HT and the gang made a mini thread about recovery, but CNS recovery vs. overall physical recovery are obviously two separate things. At times they are related, for instance, I must say I am surprised you did not have fish oil (omega 3,6) as part of your coctail.

Beside the well-touted joint benefits espoused all over T-Nation, it has been shown in psychiatric clinical studies to help with mood imbalances. I am convinced it helps me and has helped many of my patients.

I take some other substances but moreso based on collective wisdom than being sure they work. Higher dose Vitamins B complex, and C has also been shown to help with mental functioning and balance. I was fortunate to meet with Linus Pauling after a lecture. He met with me and was excited about psychiatry, since he had co-pioneered "Orthomolecular Medicine", a holistic, mostly Vitamin based treatment of several illneses, including Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia.

I take L-glutamine in my protein/creatine PWO drink. These drinks feel like they get sucked right into tired muscles. I also take DHEA.

I have tried a bunch of other stuff, highly touted stuff like 5-HTP, choline, lecithin, inositol, SAM-E, etc. Didn't notice anything from the lot.

One non-supplement thing that helps me relax is a meditative music/tone based program called Holosync. It supposedly helps synchronize your brain waves into different levels, one for focus, one for relaxation/sleep. Helps me sometimes.
                 Good thread topic, Doc


I've been taking fish oil for so long that I don't think about it as specifically related to recovery, but of course it is.

I do take a good multi-vitamin pack but I also add extra E and D and I'd forgotten about extra B and C, so thanks for that!

I used to take lecithin but most of what is readily available is soy derived and so I stopped taking it. Didn't notice any difference.