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Recovery Shake Help


SO i use the 5-3-1 program and have not put alot of effort into a proper recovery meal or shake. I usually eat a banana and a yogurt which doesn't have enough protein but I'm also worried about taking protein (and making me gain weight) and not sure if that's because of some misconception or if it does affect women differently.

I'd like to incorporate a shake into my after workout routine of stretch and shower. What do you use?


I would highly suggest you use the search function at the top of the screen to gain some basic knowledge about nutrition.

Not trying to be a dick but its clear you don't really understand/have not put any effort into searching for information about nutrition so a base of knowledge would go a long ways.

That being said, a common way to go is whey either concentrate or isolate after your workout.

Again, seek some education about nutrition and any suggestions that come will make much more sense.

Cheers to hopping your not just a troll and will actually seek some knowledge!


Haley, protein will not make you gain unwanted muscle. Women simply don't have enough testosterone to gain any significant muscle. I would suggest some kind of whey protein and a carbohydrate 20 or 30 minutes after training. Calories in vs calories out ultimately is king for weight loss/gain.

I like whey isolate, 5 grams bcaa powder, and grape juice 20 minutes before training. I'm cheap though.


No this is no troll have been working out for 5 months with this program and luckily I do know that I will never gain too much muscle unless I take male hormones.Tonight I made a shake with half cup oatmeal, cup whole milk, whey protein, and peanut butter. protein 45g, carbs 57g, and fat 47g. Thinking I should cut out the peanut butter since it has 32g of fat alone, or finding low fat pb. I've done a small portion of research, just having a hard time knowing what to believe and what is a fad. There are so many opinions and i wouldn't doubt alot are based on companies making a profit.


Do you know of any specific articles I could read or maybe a website with legit info?


There is nothing wrong with women using whey protein. Or casein protein for that matter.

If you need more protein in your diet look to find it from whole foods. If you cant get it there, use powders.

Do you have a specific macronutrient ratio youre trying to fulfill or are you just haphazardly eliminating certain foods because theyre "fattening"?


alright I realized this is in the supplements and nutrition forum and I had thought it would posted in powerful women.
so I will clarify, I was wondering what other WOMEN use for their recovery meal/drink?


I'm not worried about the word "fat" on the peanut butter label just the number of calories it transfers into. the shake is about 833 calories and if i cut out the peanut butter it would be 408 calories less. So either the shake becomes my largest meal of the day or i cut some calories from it.


cut the peanut butter amount in half. also how mucch protien are you putting in it?


as far as the whey protein powder, i use half a scoop which is 12g protein. my total protein intake is (including peanut butter), 45g


Also considering starting the zone diet, tomorrow i will find out what my lean body mass is and go from there. Still have alot to learn about it but might as well get started somewhere. After having that shake tonight i feel stuffed, I don't like eating a whole lot and I think that throws off my metabolism. I try to eat multiple small meals but I end up having coffee in the morning, a banana or an orange and/or yogurt later in the day, then sometimes an actual meal in the evening. And one thing I know is this isn't a very good meal plan.

But for now just experimenting with my recovery shake :slight_smile:


This site is legit, but figureathlete.com (sister site) may have information more relevant to you.


You don't need to eat multiple small meals, just make sure your total calories are in check.



That's not nearly enough.

Regardless of your goals, 45g of protein is miserable for an adult human. Double it, as a bare minimum.


she was saying she gets 45 from the shake.


Hayley, what are your training goals? Lose weight, gain weight, alter body comp, gain strength at same weight?
AsI would be inclined to keep the fat in a RECOVERY shake to a minimum, and follow up with something else later.


My primary goals are strength. My deadlift is at 165lbs for 10 reps, goal is 270lbs, next week i finish at 185lbs. My overhead press is 70lbs for 6 reps plus 3 push press, goal is 110, next week I finish at 75. My bench is 95 for 5 reps plus 1 assisted, goal is 150, finish at 105 next week. Squats are at 120lbs for 20 reps, goal is 200, next week I finish at 135. Along with strength I want to get lean or loose body fat percentage. what I weight when I step on a scale doesn't really matter to me it's more along the lines of how I look in the mirror and how strong I am.


where are the rest of the calories coming from in your shake. 20 grams of whey should be around 100 cals. and 30g of peanutbutter is 200 cals. that makes for 300 cals in the shake.


Haley, have you tracked your daily caloric intake for any amount of time? This is your starting point. From there you can decide if you need more or less cals. After that look into your macro breakdown.


It is 4 tbsp of peanut butter which ends up being 408 calories, the rest come from the whey protein, oatmeal, and milk.