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Recovery ?'s

I just finished a 5 week cycle of M1T at 10 mg a day. This was paired with tribex for the first week, and then 50 mg of clomid for the last 4 weeks. I have some questions that hopefully some of the more experienced people can chime in on.

  1. How long should I keep runing clomid/tribex?

  2. How long do I have to wait before I can drink again without worrying about my liver hating me?

  3. While I put on some muscle and alot of strength gains, I put on a little too much fat for my liking and I am ready to go on an all out cutting cycle to get ripped. How long should I wait to start cutting cals? I dont want to lose the muscle i just gained, but I also cant stand being this fat.

  4. How long do I need to wait before I try another cycle :slight_smile:

I’m not entirely sure how suppressive M1T is, but generally coming off any full on steroid cycle, 4 weeks of PCT using clomid or nolvadex (or both) is sufficient to restore natural test production. You likely wont need that long from a 5 week cycle of M1T only, so i’d say maybe 2 weeks at 50mg/day, if that much. If you used clomid for the last 4 weeks of the cycle PCT shouldnt need to be too long.

As for drinking, its up to you. Theres no hard and fast rule. Everybody reacts differently to these substances. The only way to really know for sure is to have a blood test and get your liver enzyme values checked. But once again, i think thats likely overkill for this kind of cycle. The hepatoxicity of these drugs is fairly blown out of proportion. While i wouldn’t recommend going on a weeklong bender at this point, if you want to go out for a couple drinks, thats likely not going to be a problem at all. If you’re worried, take some milk thistle. Alcohol can lower T levels however which means heavy drinking during recovery can be counterproductive.

Cut cals whenever you feel like it. Generally one modifies their diet while on a bulking cycle so that they’re eating a lot more. You will want to discontinue this once your cycle ends. Probably wait till the end of PCT at least to really cut calories so you have your test production normalized. Once again, theres no real rule here. Trial and error.

As for when you can start your next cycle, you should take time off at least equal to time on. So if you were on for 5 weeks, you should wait at least 5 weeks to begin another cycle.