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Recovery Question

As previously stated in other threads, I attempted a switch to Arnold?s basic weight-gaining program and overdid it with my triceps, leaving me sore enough that I?ve been resting for a week. Now the pain is gone entirely in one arm, but I still feel a mild soreness in other if I really stretch the tricep by lifting the arm above my head and bending it, a motion similar to a standing tricep extension.

I?m planning to avoid resistance training for a few more days to let myself finish recuperating from really overdoing it with that nutty workout plan, but I am wondering if working the arms into my cardio workouts (which I started back into this weekend with a lifecycle) by working on an eliptical trainer is likely to help my arm by getting blood in there and loosening things up, or if I should just leave well enough alone and stick with the bike until the soreness is gone completely.

Light work even resistance training will help recovery, from blood flow etc, Go light lots of reps, massage, contrast temp like c contrast shower HOT!!! very hot then cold


I agree with Phil. Lots of reps like 50-100 for 2-3 sets. then foam roll or tennis ball em up