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Recovery question


I've been reading a number of the past articles posted here. I recently read Training for Maximal Size which says "Train as often as possible, up to six days weekly. As long as your nervous system has recovered (if you feel motivated to work out), train again, even if you're sore. Contrary to popular belief, training a muscle when it's still sore doesn't necessarily affect metabolic recovery adversely.(1,2,3) If, however, you start to feel unmotivated and begin to loathe the thought of having to train, this is a sign that your central nervous system hasn't recovered yet and you should cut back on the weekly training volume (number of days per week)."

Due to my work schedule, I usually train Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have found that the day immediately following my workout, I feel really motivated and ready to go again. However, when my normal workout day arives, I have a tough time getting up ready to train.

Should I try to fit a workout in on my normal off days when I am feeling good? Should I try to rearrange my schedule to get two in a row off at some point during the week? Any other suggestion?


What are the references you quoted?