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Recovery Plan - Walking Now, Then This

Ok, yeh, you can comment. I’ll do WTF I want anyway, but I’ll take what you say into consideration else I wouldn’t ask for your thoughts, or be here in the first damn place, so here we go.

Recovering from a 5/25 surgery and nearly 2 years outta the gym.
I’ve kept my nutrition clean, maintained some dumbbell work, and my bodyweight is on a downward trend at about 2lbs/week right now. At 73.5" I’m scaling at 248lbs. and given my ability to maintain a calorie deficit, I see no issue with getting that 48lbs off as I wish by 2020.

That said, since the 5/25 surgery, I started a week ago doing clean/press with only 10lb 'bells x 12 reps as many sets per day as I can stand. Seriously, I keep the f’n things handy, and whenever i rise from a seated position, I grab them and go. I realize it ain’t crap for weight, but after the surgeries I’ve dealt with past 2 years, it’s something for ME and it IS something a hella lot better than nothing.

Now, I’ve also added walking at not an impressive pace. Suppose right now we can call it a “fast amble.” Not a granny pace but not a pace I’m at all happy with. But again, cut me some frickin’ slack, it wasn’t 7 months ago i had an open wound in my gut that was taking an entire 4" roll of gauze change daily plus had a wound vac on it for 5 weeks…I was down, I’m in process of getting back up. It’s a Process…

So the plan is, since I am successfully adding 0.25 miles distance per day to my walks thus far, when I get to 3-5 miles, I plan to add some weight to the walk with either a weighted vest or a loaded assault pack (a “battle rattle” if you will) of 40-80lbs, and take that to the goal of a 5mi/day run. Yup, the goal is, in the end, a daily 5 mi run (I start at 0700) with an 80lb vest or pack.

How’s that for getting back in the game?

I also figure that at some time during that conditioning I’ll add lifting during the day, but it will look like the big barbell movements every other day with light weights, 4 sets of 10. Yes, I said every other day - not MWF or some other split, just every other day, every week, every month, year round.

I am not going to live in dream land thinking that this year, the one i turn 50 I’m going to be packing on a bunch of lean muscle with insanely low BF.
What I am going to do is keep my nutrition clean and live like a soldier and exercise like it’s my damn job every day. If I have nothing else, i got a ton of stubborn, dammit.

I realize most of the guys here are all about the lifting, but also many use loaded carries and do jogging…so, whattya think about the end goal of 5 mi per day with 80 lbs? I’ll get there how I get there. I’ve by God done it before, so…
Also, ask yourself before you judge my goal, could you do it? I know right now I can’t do the 5mi jog without a pack, and I know firsthand how challenging it was 30 years ago…it will be challenging now. I ain’t skeered.

Have at it commenting people. I look forward to hearing you.


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I have no advice on this subject, but I must commend you on the way you started your thread. That’s awesome, and should be used more often on this forum.

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Great stuff for being so motivated getting back into it, that’s the shit. No point getting older and being like the other people the same age.
What’s 5/25 surgery?

IOHa! By God I thought this post went all ghost on me - damn though I found it :slight_smile:

Antiquity: U know there’s a lotta ppl who post then get pissy about the replies they get, etc. It’s not like they didn’t ask or that anyone puts a 45 to our head saying take the advice u get or die MF’er :wink:
I just figured on being clear that I wanted to “survey thoughts” but there was no need for max effort in replies since I’ll do WTF I think best regardless ya know?! I’m simply looking to hear others’ thoughts.

I_Luc: The “5/25 surgery” was a surgery on May 25, 2019 in which I had a medicine pump implant put in my abdomen, again…last July I had a preexisting pump replaced, site got infected, pump was removed months later, a huge F’n mess, all those months later on 5/25 this one was installed, putting my happy white ass back in the game.[quote=“I_Luc, post:3, topic:258332”]
Great stuff for being so motivated getting back into it, that’s the shit. No point getting older and being like the other people the same age.
Thx for that! :wink:
I’ve a 28 y/o son with a learning disability who lives with me & wife. He works 40/week cause by God that’s wat men do. —// Other day he was asking me about was I ok doing these walks 1st thing in the morning after he saw me doing one when he was leaving for work.
Told him hell yeh I don’t let other people put limits on me OR him so I sure as hell ain’t gonna limit myself.
Have never in my life been interested in being like other ppl, my age or not, and see no sense starting now. The older I get the closer that’d be to being like F’ers in the graveyard! F-that!

Oh, found a smooth (& Free) Watch OS app for tracking walks & everything to do with them, “Strava.” The thing will track every other activity under the sun (including a GPS map image) & has subscription stuff available too - I just ain’t interested…

My progress thus far is, since June 29 I’m doing 5 times the distance per morning at a little better pace. At current progression that’d put me at my goal distance by end of July, ready to start putting on a pack with some weight. Just gotta stay off the operating table & stuff and I can get this.

Take care people!

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