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Recovery Methods


Im currently on a three day training split, mon wed fri(or sat if i have to race on fri night), in your opinions what would be the best recovery "workouts" to do on my off days. Anything non cardio is good, all my running, biking, etc. is dictated by my coaches. thanks.


Need some more info than this. What sport? Running, biking, triathlete, what goals? What's your cardio training look like? Stats, nutrition, etc...


I dont know if you can call this a "workout" but a short jog with some easy sprint drills (high knees, skips etc) and some stretching wouldnt hurt.


track athelete: 400, 400IH.
Mon-Full Body Lift
Wed-Upper Body
Friday-Full Body

2 speed workouts/week
1 race day/week
1 off day/week
2 days distance runs/week
1 day technique/week

hope this helps


If you're atrack guy, the routine i listed above is a pretty standard shakeout routine.


Here is a great article on recovery methods by CT. May help.



When you take a shower, finish up with cold water. This feels great, after you get used to the cold water. I dont know exactly why it works but it's similar to icing a body part or getting an ice massage.

I box squatted yesterday and my hams and glutes were really sore, so I finished my shower with about 2 minutes of cold water, focused on my legs. I didnt notice any soreness today.
Try it out, the first time it will freak you out but then you'll start looking forward.

I think this was described in the "8 Weeks to a Record Bench" article.


i've done interval showers in the past 3 min hot/1 min cold. they seemed to work well, i'll probably go back to them.


Ian Kings recovery methods video series.
Would also recommend Tudor Bompa "Theories and peridization in training" book.