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Recovery Methods


basically legs and back are having a hard time recovering every week when I am on the texas method. Other then eating more is there anything you guys recommend to do, or anything you personally do?


-Walking at least 30 min a day (somewhat brisk pace)
-hot and/or ice bath
-contrast showers
-regular stretching
-regular foam rolling
-recovery 'workouts', basically the day after you train something, you do a couple movements for that same area with high reps not going anywhere near failure, minimal strain if any at all
-man the fuck up (if not already applied)

By the way, how's your GPP? If it sucked before you started the program, then that's going to make a hell of a lot harder to get through it.


^^^ pretty much all of that..
I find it helps me to do some easy paced SS cardio right after a leg workout, whether it be riding a bike, jogging or eliptical, and or swimming laps for 1/2 hour. (also part of the Man up application)
The next day I usually go for a long walk with my dog (1- 2 hours)just to get the blood flowing into the muscles.
I found if I tried to "baby" my legs afterwards it would take twice as long for me to recover. (but that's just me)


This is awesome. You say man the fuck up and I don't think you realize how important that is for recovery. Lifting heavy shit is basically the most hyper-sympathetic activity you can engage in. It is literally fight or flight with every rep. Forcing yourself to calm your shit down and return to parasympathetic dominance is extremely important. Essentially, that is what all of those recovery methods are trying to accomplish. You can only contract as hard as you can relax.



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^^ This.


jus started that method. how long u been doin it?


This is the take-home nugget!!!


Contrast showers, foam rolling, eating well, and sleeping well.


In addition I'd like to add to the previously added list that when you do extra workouts the lightest restistance bands you find can be a large help in getting to the muscles that are hard to foam roll, aka triceps, biceps, shoulders. Make sure its REALLY light stuff though and only do a set of high reps. Its just to get the blood flowing you have to make sure it doesnt put on any additional training stress.