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Recovery Issues with T-Dawg

I’ve been on the T-Dawg for about a week now, and have noticed that I seem to be experiencing bigtime DOMS for the first time since I can remember (and with a lifting regime I have done before without significant DOMS). I feel like I am simply not healing. Should this be expected with a low-carb diet like the T-Dawg? Is it due to the low carbs, or is it largely due to something else (I am taking in less protein than I was before I started the diet too as a result of following the T-Dawg guidelines.) This is the first time I have really tried a cutting diet such as this, although I have been training for about 3 years…just looking for an opinion from someone who has experience with this.

Are you getting enough sleep? I’m in in the middle of the t-dawg diet and haven’t experienced any extra soreness at all.

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Chris Shugart has said he wants to rewrite the T-dawg diet with some new carb recommendations. 100 on workout days, and 70 on non. Protein intake can be higher too. I went way above the .8 grams per pound recommendations. Usually between 1.5 - 2 grams per pound, and I’m getting great results. The calories guidelines are good, but carbs and protein can be modified. Find what works for you dude. Good luck.

I started the T-Dawg diet a week ago and I have also noticed the same thing. I believe there are several things that might contribute to more soreness including…
Lower calories, low carbs, possible dehydration (from taking ephedrine and caffiene fat burners).
I did legs the other day and right now my legs are beyond sore, I feel like a cripple.
I guess the positive side is enhanced fat loss and a better looking physique.

Didn’t he say 50 grams of carbs on off days instead of 70 grams? I doubt it really matters either way, I’m just being curious.

I could of sworn it was 100/70. I’m actually doing like 120/100 and dropping like 4 lbs a week. I’m also following Ian Kings 12 weeks to SS, and Limping… 30 mins of cardio after training. Oh, and I’m applying 35 sprays of Nandrosol in the morning.

Oh, my carbs really only come first thing in the morning, and with my Surge when I train at night. My first meal is always cottage cheese, oatmeal, and ap… (420 cal/39 carb/51 pro/1.5 fat). Then the 50 grams from Surge, and my last meal before bed (1-2 hrs after Surge) is cottage cheese & ap (270 cal/12 carb/46 pro/1.5 fat). That comes out to around 100… then I have a few pieces of cheese, and a coupla scoops of ap throughout the day. That usually ends up being around 120. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the ideas.

Ryno, how many cals under maintenance are you…what formula did you use to determine maintenance cals (from T-Dawg article or something else)?

Well, from Dec. 18 up until yesterday… I was 400 cals under, now I am spraying Nandrosol 35 times in the morning… and I’m 600 under. The first week I followed the t-dawg recommendation of -250… then I went to 400 for about 2 weeks, now I’ll see what happens with 600. It works out to around 2200 cals incase you’re wondering. I’m also following the massive eating guidelines (P&C & P&F meals, I mean… not the calorie recommendations) As far as supps go… I take a couple of MD6 after lunch most days, and a few before I work out. Also Surge, Tribex, ZMA, and AP. When I start the next phase of the Ian King programs… I’m going to cut the Tribex, and throw in some Methoxy-7 to see what happens. Any more questions… let me know. Good luck.

I say the calorie deficeit is the reason for soreness. You can combat this glutamine powder (which I highly recomend), and the Methoxy-7, which I found extremely potent at reducing muscle soreness, I also think the ZMA and surge are very effective at it also.